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Royal Beach Pirata beach bar in La Cala, finalist in the 6th 'Ruta del Espeto'

  • Organised by Málaga en la Mesa and 'SUR', this beach bar is once again among the best in this competition
  • Clavijo has been making 'espetos' for two decades at Royal Beach Pirata

The owners, brothers Carlos and Sergio Morales, competed with 42 other beach establishments in 2023

The complicated thing about making 'espeto de sardinas' (Sardine skewers) is its apparent simplicity. But there is nothing more complex than doing well what at first sight seems simple. This is something that the Chiringuito Royal Beach Pirata in La Cala knows perfectly well, as it is constantly receiving recognition for its work in all areas, both at an environmental level and in the world of gastronomy. In this case, this establishment has once again been among the five finalists, out of 42 competitors, in the 'VI Ruta del Espeto', a competition organised by 'Málaga en la Mesa' and the newspaper 'SUR', which is sponsored by the Provincial Council and 'Sabor a Málaga'.

The aim of this prize, which has the collaboration of the Economic Interest Association of the Costa del Sol Beaches (Chiringuitos de Málaga), is to identify the best espeto in Málaga. This is no small matter if we take into account that our province is the cradle of this culinary speciality known around the world.

According to one of the owners of the chiringuito Royal Beach Pirata, Carlos Morales, who runs it together with his brother Sergio, "we have been taking part in this competition since it has been held and we have almost always been finalists; and it is not the only one in which we have received recognition", he assured.

As for what it means for them to reach the final of the competition, Morales stated that "this is a recognition of all the work we do here, which is a source of pride, especially if we take into account that we have been finalists thanks to the votes of the customers who have passed through here".

The finalists were chosen in the most democratic way possible, which shows the good work of the Royal Beach Pirata's 'espetero': Curro Clavijo, who has been working in this chiringuito for 18 years. 

Clavijo, standing at the grill, recognises that this "is a very hard job, but I love it and the truth is that I put my heart into it". As for having once again achieved recognition for his work in front of the flames, Curro acknowledges that he feels "very proud because this means that our customers realise the effort we make here to offer the best service".

A service that goes hand in hand with knowing how to make the best espeto which, for Morales, is nothing less than "art. Because good espeto has a lot of art. And it is culture. In a word, espeto is Málaga".

It was a hard-fought competition, but the award was once again won by the Marina Playa beach bar for the second year running. Among the experts, the gastronomic critic of 'SUR', Enrique Bellver; the president of the Association of Beach Entrepreneurs, Manuel Villafaina; the director of 'Sabor a Málaga', Leonor García Agua; the sales manager of Cruzcampo, Ángel Salas, and the manager of El Balneario, Adolfo Jaime.

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