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Miércoles 24/07/2024

About us

Mijas Comunicación S.A. is a municipal public company which provides information and communication service in the locality of Mijas as the responsability of the city council, as recognise by the 27/2003 Lay of Rationalization and Sustainability of Local Administration, in letter ñ of the 25.2 article: "Promotion in its municipal terms of participation of the citizens in the efficient and sustainable use of informations and communications technologies", which should include radio, television and audiovisuals services overall.

Since 1989, when the broadcasts began in Radio Mijas, Mijas Comunicación has been gronw along with the municipality with the arrival of Mijas 3.40 TV in 1994 and newspaper Mijas Semanal in 2003.Furthermore, we have adapted to the times of Internet and Social Media. The vocation of all the professionals that make up the company offer to the citizens of Mijas an accurate, truthful, independent and diverse information, as well asquiality entertainment. The development of traditions and customs, promote citizen participation as well as promoting the locality all over the world, are parts of the essential purpose of the company.