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Jueves 07/12/2023


The Town Hall announces a new extension project for the Mijas Pueblo car park.

  • It proposes the construction of an underground parking area that will extend towards the Virgen de la Peña square
  • Image of the Virgen de la Peña car park in Mijas Pueblo |

The Local Government considers that the original plan has been "blocked" for nearly four years by the Andalusian Regional Government

The mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), and the first deputy mayor and councillor for Infrastructures and Works, José Carlos Martín (Cs), announced, on Monday morning, the new alternative that the Town Hall has sought for the extension of the Virgen de la Peña car park after "the blockage for nearly four years to which the Department for Culture of the Junta de Andalucía has subjected the initial project", says the government team. 
"Every year our business owners and neighbours ask us to expand the car park in Mijas Pueblo which, by all accounts, has become too small. The Mijas Town Hall has been promoting a project for several years now which, although it initially had prior authorisation from the Regional Ministry for Culture, given that we need it because we are a Historic-Artistic Site, after the change of government in the Junta de Andalucía, it has become a 'no' for an answer. As we can't wait any longer, today we put out to tender the drafting of an alternative expansion project, not towards Fuente de la Seda as we have been working on the initial project, but towards Plaza Virgen de la Peña itself, with around 350 parking spaces", González explained. 

In this regard, the mayor stressed that this new initiative shows "who is seeking solutions to the problems and who is not. We have to start from scratch, but if we never start, we will not have the expansion so demanded by the people of Mijas", and recalled that "for this government team, it is a priority to solve the parking problems we have in our town, having promoted, in just three years, new car parks such as La Candelaria, El Juncal and Los Santos.
The drafting of the new project has been put out to public tender for 102,000 euros and interested companies can apply until the 28th of December. "In the department we have had to look for an alternative solution to the parking problems in Mijas Pueblo, as the Junta has stalled the extension to the Fuente de la Seda and we cannot continue to delay this issue. This new proposal does not mean that we disdain the previous one, but with it we can proceed faster, as we propose an underground car park that advances towards the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, which does not need reports or permits from the Regional Ministry for Culture", says Martin, who adds that "in this way by May the new project would be drafted and prepared to be able to tender the execution of the works during 2023".

  • The drafting of the project, which foresees 350 parking spaces, is offered for public tender for 102,000 euros |

Almost 350 new places
The first deputy mayor also clarified that "this alternative does not mean that the previous extension will be forgotten, but that from the Town Hall we will continue trying to achieve the approval of the regional administration to choose or even carry out both if, at the time, it were necessary". The councillor pointed out that "it is important to put an end to this problem now" and gave details of what this continuation of the Virgen de la Peña car park would be like. "It all depends on the results of the geotechnical studies which will determine whether three or four floors can be built, but, initially, the capacity could reach almost 350 spaces", explains Martín.
The Mijas Town Hall is continuing the road map to provide car parks in the municipality, where two new infrastructures have already been put into operation, the El Juncal and La Candelaria car parks, which add 668 new spaces to those in the urban centre of Las Lagunas. The Department for Infrastructures and Works, as recalled by the local government, "continues with this line of work, and the next to be built is Los Santos Parking area, adding 234 new spaces".

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