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International Festival Cala Mijas starts its countdown

  • More than 80 artists will take to the five stages of Sonora Mijas in this first edition
  • There are the artists.

Mijas Town Hall has designed a wide range of mobility, security, and cleaning arrangements for the three festival days

The Cala Mijas festival is warming up. With only seven days to go before artists such as Arctic Monkeys (only date in Spain), Liam Gallagher, Nick Cave & The Bad Seed, Kraftwerk, Hot Chip or Nathy Peluso take the stage at Sonora Mijas. The first edition of this international festival is pressing the countdown button with a wide range of mobility, security, and cleanliness arrangements.
“Mijas will be the epicentre of good music from 1st to 3rd September. For three days, national and international artists will gather in our town in an enclosure of more than 150,000 square meters. We expect to receive about 50,000 people per day. We have worked to design a comprehensive device of mobility, security and cleanliness up to this Festival”, said Mijas Councillor Josele González (PSOE). “We have set up three car parks for 5,000 vehicles in El Hipódromo, El Lagar, and Las Lagunas to facilitate access to the Sonora Mijas venue, free shuttle buses, and a significant consortium lines reinforcement that stop in La Cala”, he said.

According to González, this shuttle bus service will be non-stop and available for those attendees staying at the Mijas racecourse campsite. An area with 15,000 places and 2,000 VIP spaces, the glamping. “To favour a staggered attendance and shorten waiting times, we recommend you to arrive at the venue as early as possible. The doors will open at 5 pm, but we advise you to come as early as possible to avoid congestion at the entrances”, added the Mayor.

We remind you there are regular bus lines for those to use public transport to get to the music festival. They connect the different localities near Malaga, such as the M-119 and M-224 lines that connect Fuengirola or the M-220 that connect Marbella. In addition, the festival organisers, ‘Last Tour’, have organised day trips from Malaga, Granada, Seville, Torremolinos, among others and 3-day trips from Alicante, Almeria, Caceres, Cordoba, Granada, Murcia, Madrid, Seville, Valladolid, Valencia and Salamanca.

As far as security is concerned, the festival arrives armoured with a device coordinated between Mijas Local Police and the festival security staff to ensure attendees welfare, both within the festival grounds and in the vicinity. Thus, Last Tour will be in charge of controlling access through searches with security surveillance personnel. The municipal police will monitor the accesses and the entrance to the area to avoid criminal acts and disturbances. They will also pay special attention to fraudulent sales and attendees road safety.

“The Festival Security Coordination Centre will be inside the site where security personnel such as: Guardia Civil, Local Police, Fire Brigade and medical staff will be present. There will also be a medical post with two areas, a medical assistance and an evolution room” explained the Councillor for Festivities, Tamara Vera (PSOE). She underlined the safety of those present during the concerts. “Our priority, in an event of this magnitude, is security. All parties involved must be perfectly coordinated to act quickly in the event of any incident, and that is what we have been working on all this time with the festival organisers so that nothing is left to chance when the lights go on”.

During the concerts, ambulances will be available in the different areas of the venue, both on the main stages and a travelling ambulance throughout the site. A fire truck, with a complete technical and human team, will be ready for any emergency in the production area. And the camping area will also have security personnel and 24-hour medical assistance.
On the other hand, a purple point is to be at the site to provide information and support to people who may need it in a joint effort by the city council and the organisation to prevent and raise awareness against sexist aggression.


Cleaning Reinforcement and more than 300 containers

Cleaning and waste collection will be carried out throughout the festival grounds at different times of the day and night during the three days of La Cala Mijas Festival 2022. Municipal cleaning services, Renta Básica, and the company contracted by the organisers will be involved in the tasks. In addition, there will be 315 containers installed, and in the afternoon shift and until the access of those attending the event, they will clean and empty bins and containers in communal areas, as well as the correct maintenance of the roadways, entrance areas and the perimeter of the site.  In the camping area, several daily clean-ups will be carried out before and after the concerts. Also, systematic clean-ups will be carried out at the main entrance and surrounding areas, in the common areas of the camping area, and at the bus stops, both in the concert area and at the points from which the buses will depart.


Traffic cuts in the festival area

Mijas Town Hall informed last Thursday, 25th, the Avenida Puerto de Los Gatos in Cortijo Colorado will remain partially closed to traffic due to the celebration of the Cala Mijas music festival. Its first edition will take place from the 1st to the 3rd September. This road will be closed for the first three days of September from 15:00 hours until 06:00 hours, so residents of Calanova, Club de Golf, Puerto de Los Gatos and the Riviera upper area are kindly requested to use Riviera as alternative access to their urbanisations. On the other hand, an emergency road has been enabled in Avenida Puerto de Los Gatos in Cortijo Colorado for residents and festival attendees. Access will remain for businesses in Calle Arcaduces. The Consistory apologises for the inconvenience these traffic cuts may cause residents and visitors.


A Cashless Festival

The organisation reminds that festival tickets must be exchanged for smart wristbands, ‘cashless’, at the points set up by the organisation at the IES La Cala on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 22:00 hours and Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 02:00 hours, and at the camping ‘El Hipódromo’ on Wednesday from 10:00 to 00 hours and Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 02:00 hours. These wristbands will allow payment at the venue, where it will not be possible to pay by any other method. The wristbands can be recharged online, through the website, or physically at the recharge points set up at the venue.

How to ask for a refund of the surplus money? Those who have topped up at the festival stalls can request a refund at the venue, with no minimum amount and at no extra cost. In addition, four days after the festival, a refund portal will be set up where there will be no minimum amount. There will be a €1 transfer fee. If online, it is not necessary to request it as you will automatically receive it free of charge from 8th September.

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