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Mijas will celebrate ‘Tourist Day’ wednesday, September 29th

  • The events will begin at 12 noon on the Virgen de la Peña square in Mijas Village with the ‘Zambra’ show
  • Councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín, with the head of the department, Juan Carlos Acevedo |

All attendees will also enjoy a free tasting of Malaga wine

As every year, Mijas will celebrate the now traditional ‘Tourist Day’. As announced by the councillor for Tourism of the Mijas Town Hall, José Carlos Martín (Cs), the event will take place next Wednesday, September 29th on the Plaza Virgen de la Peña in Mijas Village from 12 noon. Martín assured that “although this day is a yearly tradition in the municipality, this year we want to pay  special tribute to our tourists, because, after the great reduction experienced in the sector as a result of COVID-19, all those people who have been willing to see that we are a safe destination and have trusted us enough to come and enjoy our offer, deserve our recognition and gratitude to the same extent as the support they have offered us in moments as delicate as this one”. Likewise, the councillor wanted to value “the work of caterers, entrepreneurs, hoteliers and owners of golf courses for their involvement in overcoming the economic situation lived by the sector and the generation of employment as well as their collaboration among each other”, adding that “this ‘recognition’ is also dedicated to 
them. Tourist Day will begin at 12 noon with the performance by the flamenco group ‘Zambra’, a typical Andalusian show that the Department for Tourism offers every week during high season for free and which aims to fill the square with the most typical folklore. Later, starting at 13 hours, the 2021 Tapa Route awards ceremony will take place to prize the best-rated establishment and the winner’s weight in beer. Finally, Ela Fernández will perform at 13:30 hours. It should be noted that during the event there will be a free tasting of Malaga wine. The councillor invited tourists and residents to “come to Mijas Village to spend a day of social coexistence. The programme of activities is aimed at showing the most genuine aspects of our town”, and thanked “the decision of tourists to visit us and discover local traditions such as flamenco and gastronomy”. Finally, the head of the Tourism Department, Juan Carlos Acevedo, assured that “it is an event which intends to thank the tourists who have come and encourage them to continue to visit Mijas, as it has proven to be a safe destination”.

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