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The Chichilarga Nights in Mijas celebrate their first decade

  • This is an initiative of the Bar El Niño that takes place every Thursday in July and August
  • Gran ambiente en el primer día de Las Noches Chichilargas del bar El Niño

The establishment, located in Barrio Santana, offers tapas at affordable prices, music, raffles and much more

Chichilargas', that's what summer nights are called on Thursdays at Bar El Niño in Mijas Pueblo. This initiative was inaugurated on Thursday the 4th and is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The Chichilargas Nights were created to offer something original on summer nights and, from the first day, exceeded all expectations, according to the owner of the establishment, Juan Marín. "My wife and I came up with the idea of doing something different and already on the first Thursday it exceeded our expectations: we sold more than 300 tapas, the following Thursday we offered gifts and more things and by the end of the first year nearly 3,000 people had stopped by", explained the Mijas-born owner. 

  • Las Noches Chichilargas del bar El Niño se celebran todos los jueves de julio y agosto.

Judging by the great atmosphere on the first day, it is clear that Bar El Niño is offering something interesting. "The chichilarga is a party that we organise, where we offer drinks and tapas for one euro, there are raffles, gifts, music, there is everything", explained Marín.

The councillors Melisa Ceballos (PP) and Mari Francis Alarcón (PP) were present at the inauguration of the Chichilargas Nights. The Town Hall appreciates the fact that the establishments in Mijas offer attractions to locals and visitors. "This is another attraction for tourists, not only for the locals. Here you can have a tapa for one euro, there is a wide variety of tapas at a symbolic price, and we invite everyone to come every Thursday in July and August", said Ceballos. 

  • El propietario del establecimiento, Juan Marín, sirviendo bebidas en el día de la inauguración.

Nights in Mijas In the Bar El Niño, you can find tapas and drinks at affordable prices, music, gifts, a good atmosphere and... you can even be crowned as Miss and Mister Chichilargo. 

  • Los Miss y Mister Chichilargos 2023 no quisieron perderse el primer día de la fiesta.

The adjective 'chichilargo'

The term 'chichilargo' is an adjective shared by everyone born in Mijas. It is not an official name and its origin is not clear, but in Mijas they are proud to be known as 'chichilargos'. 

According to those locals who know more about oral tradition, the expression 'chichilargo' refers to that way of speaking with the hands typical of the Mijeños. Being 'chichilargo' means being from Mijas.  That's what the people from Fuengirola used to call us and we used to call them 'choros' or 'chichicortos'.

  • El bar El Niño ofrece una amplia variedad de tapas a precios muy asequibles en sus Noches Chichilargas.

Whatever it means, it is clear that at Bar El Niño we toast every Thursday night, which in Mijas are very busy. Congratulations on these ten years! Mmay they be many more.

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