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The Mijas Town Hall distributes the councils among the members of the government team

  • Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson (Vox) is the first deputy mayor and Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP), the second
  • El equipo de gobierno está integrado por los 9 ediles del PP, los 3 de Vox y el concejal de Por Mi Pueblo.

The mayoress of the town, Ana Mata (PP), is in charge of Equality and Diversity

The Mijas Town Hall has announced the distribution of the different councillorships and mayors' offices among the members of the government team. This internal organisation is divided into nine main areas: Presidency and Security; Territorial Planning, Human Resources and Operational Services; Economy, Finance, Transparency and Good Governance; Citizen Development; Social Rights, Housing, Citizen Participation and Cleaning; Equality, Public Roads Management, Mobility and Environment; Infrastructures, Works and Tourism; Education and Health; and Economic Development and Employment. As established in the decree signed by the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), the distribution of the delegations in the different areas will be as follows: 

The first of these is Presidency and Security. Here, the delegations of Presidency, which goes to the mayoress, Ana Mata (PP); the Local Police and Fire Department, delegated to Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson (Vox); and that of Internal Regime and Legal Advice, which goes to Juan José Torres Trella (PP). 

The area of Territorial Planning, Human Resources and Operational Services includes the delegations of Urban Planning, which will be the responsibility of Lourdes Burgos (PP); Human Resources, delegated to Mario Bravo (PP); and Operational Services, Electrical Installations and Parks and Gardens, whose delegate will be Daniel Gómez Teruel (PP). 

Economy, Finance, Transparency and Good Governance is the third major area, which includes the delegations of Finance and Foreigners, delegated to Mario Bravo, and Contracting and Digital Modernisation, whose head will be Juan José Torres Trella.

The area of Development of Citizenship, meanwhile, includes the delegations of Culture, which is for Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP); Registers of Domestic Partners, delegated to Torres Trella; Civil Protection, which will be held by Cuevas; Festivals and Traditions, Elderly, Market and Street Vending, delegations whose holder will be Silvia Marín (PP); and Sports and Youth, councils delegated to Mari Francis Alarcón (PP). 

Social Rights, Housing, Citizen Participation and Cleaning constitute the fifth area. The delegations included in this area are those of Citizen Services, whose responsibility will go to the councillor Torres Trella; Social Inclusion and Open University, delegated to Melisa Ceballos (PP); Housing, whose head will be Lourdes Burgos; Citizen Participation will go to Marín; Street Cleaning, to Eloy Belmonte (Vox); and Cemetery to Alarcón. 

The sixth area is Equality, Management of Public Roads, Mobility and Environment. The mayoress will be responsible for the Department of Equality and Diversity; Alarcón will be in charge of Public Road Management, while Historical Heritage will be the responsibility of Burgos and Torres Trella, Archive and Environment and Urban Mobility will be delegated to Marco Cortés (PP). 

The area of Infrastructures, Works and Tourism includes the delegation of Infrastructures, Works and Energy Efficiency, responsibility of Torres Trella; Tourism, delegated to Cuevas; and Beaches, to Gómez Teruel. 

The eighth area is Education and Health, which includes the departments of Education, whose head is Ceballos, and Health and Consumer Affairs, delegated to Cortés. 

The area of Economic Development and Employment includes the delegations of Economic Development, Employment Promotion, Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing, which is the responsibility of Maldonado, as well as the Department of Commerce; Livestock is for Belmonte; and Domestic Animals, for Cortés. 

Branch Offices and councils 

As for the Branch Offices, Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson is the first deputy mayor and Juan Carlos Maldonado is the second, as well as deputy of La Cala. The third deputy mayor's office is held by Lourdes Burgos, the fourth by Mario Bravo and the fifth by Juan José Torres Trella, while the sixth is held by Silvia Marín, the seventh by Daniel Gómez Teruel and the eighth by Eloy Belmonte. 

On the other hand, councillors Cuevas, Burgos, Bravo, Torres Trella, Marín, Gómez Teruel and Belmonte are members of the Local Government Board. 

The duties relating to the organisation and functioning of the department of Infractions and Sanctions have been delegated to Bravo, while the reception of Urbanisations has been delegated to Torres Trella. Mata is also the representative of the local administration on the Board of Directors of the Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium, the substitute being Marcos Cortés.

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