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Mijas will distribute over 600 kilos of sardines on May 1st

  • The mayor of Mijas Josele González and the councillor Tamara Vera |

The event will also feature a variety of live music and a well-stocked bar

Carmen Martín. On Monday May 1st, Labour Day, Mijas celebrates its traditional ‘sardinada’ (Sardine Feast). An initiative of the Town Hall’s Department for Festivities, which will distribute sardines to locals and visitors. More than 600 kilos of sardines will be distributed among the attendees, according to Tamara Vera (PSOE), the councillor in charge of the area, who specified that “the sardines will be free for everyone and can be enjoyed on a day with live music from 12:00 hours and with a good atmosphere”. 

The mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), recalled that “almost one hundred more kilos of sardines will be prepared than last year, when around 2,500 plates of sardines were distributed”. “This year there will be a few more and, in addition, we are going to recover the custom of having the municipal staff do the work of skewering the sardines in the traditional way, on the sand, offering us those spectacular photographs of all the sardines laid out on the beach in our Cala de Mijas”, added the mayor.

This is an activity that arouses great tourist interest and attracts many visitors. In addition to free ‘espetos’, there will be live music and a large marquee providing shade. “This marquee offers the possibility of having musical activities to complement the ‘sardinada’ and, in a way, this festival becomes a great family event. Anyone who has come to the sardine festival in previous years will have seen what a great atmosphere there is on this festive day”, added González. 

In addition, “the Santa Teresa Neighbourhood Association, recently renovated, will be responsible for running the bar, which will offer reasonable prices”, explained the councillor, who encouraged residents and visitors to the municipality to enjoy the party that will go on until late in the afternoon.

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