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Viernes 03/02/2023


Mijas to increase enforcement of the ordinance to dilute pet urine on the streets

  • In the last fortnight, almost 50 sanctions have been filed for non-compliance with these regulations.

The Consistory approved the ordinance’s update that obliges pet owners to dilute urine on the streets in the first half of 2022

Mijas Town Hall announced it is going to intensify the control of compliance with the public road ordinance by which pet owners must dilute pet urine in the street and pick up pet excrement, as stated in the local ordinance update approved last year. It includes owners being obliged to carry water to dilute their pet’s urine. This measure, together with 17 other articles included in the new regulations, aims to adapt to the locality needs, and make them useful in day-to-day management.

The more than 27,000 dogs registered, according to the latest data available to the Mijas Town Consistory, “make it necessary to implement measures to control compliance with the rules so as to avoid odours, especially in crowded areas. It is a way to take care of the street furniture, as these urine cause permanent damage,” says the local government.

In the last fortnight, there have been around 50 sanctions imposed for breaching this rule. They say, “we hope it is going to be reduced to a minimum as it will be a sign that citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the need to look after our city”. The sanctions, the Local Police remind us, could carry a fine of up to 750 euros for breaching, while stating that this is not a collection campaign. “ Citizens have been informed at all times on the streets”, and they also inform us that they will intensify information campaigns.

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