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Miércoles 19/01/2022


Work begins on the two roundabouts on the Mijas road

  • The works, awarded at 739,689 euros, have a completion period of three months
  • The Mayor of Mijas, the First Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Infrastructures and the Councillor for Town Planning

It is a project demanded by the residents, which will make the area safer

The Mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), the First Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Infrastructures, José Carlos Martín (Cs), and the Councillor for Town Planning, Andrés Ruiz (Cs), this morning, attended the works on the two roundabouts on the Mijas Pueblo road (A-387), as it passes through the urbanisations of La Loma, Pueblo Don Silverio and Haza del Algarrobo. The works have already begun.

"These are two roundabouts which were in great demand by the residents of the area, who every day used to drive along a road that had no other option to change direction than to get to the motorway. Now, thanks to these two roundabouts, we are making it safer" said the Mijas Councillor, who stressed that "this is only the first step. The government intends this road to have the appropriate infrastructure and lighting for a road that not only serves as access to Mijas Pueblo but also as an exit from Las Lagunas to Malaga or Marbella".

  • Two roundabouts are being built, one in the south and one in the north

The works have been awarded to the company Ervega SA for 739,689 euros and a completion period of 3 months. "We continue to provide road safety and mobility to the municipality. The residents had been historically requesting this infrastructure and we are providing a solution with these projects because, apart from the danger, users could only turn around at the Aldi roundabout or the motorway roundabout, as the road had no intersections for more than 1,200 metres, meaning that many users could only turn at the Aldi roundabout or the motorway roundabout. This meant that many users were making dangerous crossings in a continuous line", said Martín, who highlighted the works carried out in the last six years in the area. For instance, the Lagarejo bridge has meant a big difference for all the residents of the area. They no longer have to go to El Coto to join the Mijas road or the motorway, a fact, which is also reinforced by the Lomas del Real road, which was built four years ago".

Two roundabouts are being built, one in the south and one in the north, in the area of Pueblo Don Silverio and the industrial buildings (located at mileage points numbers 15+950 and 16+265). To carry out these projects, it has been necessary to execute the relevant urban planning modifications, as well as agreements with the owners of the affected land. We are developing this sector, where there is a small piece of industrial land, and for us, this is essential because it creates wealth and, of course, and most importantly, generates jobs. Therefore, we help not only the residents but also the businesses in the area. It definitely helps the mobility of users. With this action, we resolve the situation in the warehouses´ area, too. This may also help all those who were awaiting these urban development activities to be carried out to be able to obtain the relevant authorisations to operate. This initiative will provide legal security so that the entrepreneurs who want to set up their business can come to Mijas" assures Ruiz.

In the same fashion, it is worth remembering that these actions are going to be carried out, among other things, thanks to the Mijas Council. It obtained ownership of the road in 2018. Since then, the government team has acted quicker without having to wait for sectoral reports from other administrations.  A project of this magnitude could have had a long time of execution. All this could have been prolonged due to the existence of other institutions involved.

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