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Education cleans schools thoroughly during the Christmas period

  • The work is being carried out both inside and outside the schools
  • The work is being carried out both inside and outside the schools |

Cleaning and disinfection work is being carried out in the schools in Mijas to reinforce the daily work of the cleaners

Now, more than ever and in the middle of the sixth wave of the pandemic, it is essential to carry out cleaning and disinfection tasks in the work centres. That is why the Education Department is taking advantage of the Christmas holidays to carry out, as it does every year, thorough cleaning of the municipality's schools. As explained by the Councillor for the area, Mariló Olmedo (Cs), "we take advantage that our students are away, to carry out a thorough cleaning. It is vital these days that pupils are as safe at school as they are at home. Therefore, we must clean and disinfect".

During these days, cleaning and disinfection tasks are being carried out in the schools of Mijas, reinforcing the daily work of the cleaners. One of them, Inmaculada Burgos, said that "during these weeks what we do is a more thorough cleaning in which all the tables and chairs and the rest of the seats are bleached, the curtains are washed, the windows are cleaned, etc. Things that we don't have time to do on a daily basis, or that we can't do because of the children. Olmedo added that "although our caretakers also clean the playgrounds every day, we have taken advantage of this time of year. Apart from these, cleaning all the outdoor areas with pressurised water, brushes and using special disinfectant products, both the pavements and the railings".

They are working against the clock. It is fundamental for the return to the classroom next week: "we must not let our guard down because I believe that cleaning, disinfection and ventilation are fundamental. Furthermore, all of this, together with the use of masks, is the key to ensuring that schools remain safe," concluded the Councillor.

  • The Councillor for Education, Mariló Olmedo, next to one of the cleaners |


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