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Jueves 09/12/2021


Mijas promotes Las Lomas new sewage and pumping stations

  • The Consistory already carried out a subsidiary execution of the old installations in 2017
  • Representatives of Mijas Town Hall, Acosol and the community of owners of the Urbanisation Las Lomas de Mijas

With this Acosol agreement, a new step has been taken to put an end to the environmental problem of waste dumping, as well as unblocking urban planning licences

Last Tuesday 16th, the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), the Councillor for Works and Infrastructures, José Carlos Martín (Cs), and the Councillor for Town Planning, Andrés Ruiz (Cs) attended the signing of the agreement between the local administration and the public water company Acosol, which was attended by its managing director, Carlos Cañavate, and the executive, Manuel Cardeña, together with the president of Urbanización Las Lomas, Antonio Manuel Jiménez, to seal the agreement that allows the company to assume the free transfer of the use, maintenance, management and operation of the two pumping stations (EBAR) and the treatment plant (EDAR) of this urban complex.  

"It was a historical request, a consequence of a problem that affected almost 150 owners of the urbanisation Las Lomas de Mijas, and today, we are providing a solution. After a long time of tireless work, in which all parties have had to make concessions, we have reached this agreement which guarantees that the residents who have their property, there will be able to exercise their rights of sale with all the legal guarantees and that, without a doubt, is a quality step for them", said the Mijas Councillor, who wanted to highlight how the public company ACOSOL "has been fundamental in unblocking this agreement, as thanks to the current willingness of the management of this company, solutions have been sought, always with the fundamental mediation of the Mijas Town Hall".

  • The agreement will allow the company to assume the free use and maintenance of the two pumping stations and the treatment plant of the complex

A Solution to environmental and urban planning problems 

Thus, the Infrastructure and Town Planning departments of the Consistory have been working on this project for the last four years to help residents resolve this historical urban and environmental problem. "In 2017, the Works Department carried out a subsidiary execution of the old WWTP and its two pumping stations. After this, it was important to find someone to put them into operation and carry out the maintenance and conservation and, in this case, one of the tasks of the City Council has also been to mediate with Acosol, which is the company that is going to carry out the tuning, the service and then the maintenance and conservation of these infrastructures. This solves the problem, not only for the residents but also for the environment, because there were spillages", said Martín. 

For his part, Ruiz highlighted the work carried out by his department, which has now unblocked this area as a result of this action. "The main purpose of this agreement is to solve an environmental problem, which is where the importance of all this work lies, as the station is operating in a completely legal manner and the waste problem is solved," said the head of Town Planning, who adds that "this does not stop here, but we will go one step further when we carry out the project to connect to the general sewage network, which is the project that we will carry out in a not too far future, so this is one more step for the residents to see the sewage problem that they had in the urbanisation of Las Lomas solved once and for all".

As far as Acosol is concerned, Cañavate highlighted "the complexity of the matter as it is an old development, but thanks to the good understanding with the residents and the Town Hall, it has been possible to reach this agreement which means that we can take possession of these infrastructures to give them the correct use and that the owners can also finish the development of the area from an urban planning point of view".

In the same vein, the president of the Urbanización de Las Lomas said that "at last they are seeing the light because the most important thing for the residents is to be able to put an end to the environmental problem as well as the urban development problem, as this unblocks the first occupation and building permits which affect the value of the houses as well as the development of the area".

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