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Lunes 06/12/2021


Regulation for the municipal parking lots is initially approved

  • The document will be available on public display for a period of 30 days
  • The draft of the regulation is available for consultation at www.mijas.es

The plenary session on Thursday 30th of October gave the initial green light to the regulations

The plenary session on Thursday 30th of October gave the initial green light to the regulations that will organise the internal regime of use, the allocation of spaces and the operation of the parking lots. The document, which will be on public display for 30 days from its publication in the Official Gazette of the Province before being definitively approved, includes various considerations, such as the rights and duties of users, the rules of internal circulation, the establishment of rates and monthly payments, the use of places for residents or the sanctioning regime that would apply in case of infringement.

The councillor for Facilities Management, José Carlos Martín (Cs), thanked “the work of the departments to bring this regulation before the plenary session, a document that has entailed a slow process and a series of procedures in which the participation of citizens, who have made contributions, have been introduced into the regulation”.

The aspects included in said regulation will apply, once it is definitively approved, both to municipal car parks already in operation, as well as to those planned in the future. The non-attached councillor, Esperanza Jiménez, proposed two amendments.

The first: “to reduce to 30 euros the installments for renting places for registered residents” and, the second, “that a term of five years be established during which public prices cannot be modified”. Martín recalled that residents have one month to present allegations, “not through amendments, but through contributions to the regulation. It will be then when we will bring it before the plenary session to finally approve it”. The item went ahead with the vote in favour of PSOE, Cs and the non-attached councillor, Carlos Rivero, the vote against of the PP and the abstention of the non-attached councillor, Esperanza Jiménez.

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