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All is now ready for the total renovation of calle Marbella

  • The comprehensive remodeling works will commence next week
  • Marbella street connects Reina Fabiola street with La Cala Boulevard

Marbella street is one of the main arteries of the nucleus of La Cala

Marbella street is one of the main arteries of the nucleus of La Cala, whose integral renovation has had to go out to tender again, since the winning company resigned, claiming that it did not have the capacity to carry it out. Now, two years later, the work has been put out to tender for the same amount, 285,900 euros.

The winning company is EMIN SL. This was explained by the councillor for Infrastructure and Works of the Mijas Town Hall, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who explained that “it is a comprehensive renovation; it includes differentiated sanitation and new networks for public lighting, telecommunications and supply, as well as paving, with which, in addition, architectural barriers will be eliminated”. The works will begin next Monday, October 4th and, from the aesthetic and energy point of view, the improvements, according to the councillor, will also be evident “because the public lighting network will include the LED type luminaire, which entail important energy savings and later, the street will improve its image in comparison with what it offers now, having a unique platform and paving in accordance with the adjacent streets. The fact is that this street is one of the busiest as regards the passage of tourists in the centre of town as it links the branch offices with the beach and the Torreón”.

Street features

Marbella Street is approximately 135 metres long and has a variable width of approximately 8 metres, connecting Reina Fabiola Street with La Cala Boulevard. Martín apologised to the residents for the inconveniences that these public works entail: “Obviously, the works cause inconveniences and one like this, being so central, even more, but once they are finished, all the residents of the area will be happy, first, because their property is revalued and, second, because its services are improved”, adding:“in order to minimize as much as possible the inconveniences that the works may cause to businesses in the area and to road and pedestrian traffic, the construction company, together with the Local Police, has already planned the work schedule”.

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