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These are the winners of the campaign of Ecovidrio

  • This campaign is part of the ‘Banderas Verdes’ movement

Councillor for Street Cleaning, Laura Moreno (1st left), with the winners of the photography contest.

The photo, which portrays one of Ana Romero’s daughters, taken by her mother.

The second winning photo, by José Javier Valencia, shows recycled materials.

The photos by Ana Romero and José Javier Valencia have been awarded

We now know the winners of the Green Flags Movement campaign organised by Ecovidrio and the Mijas Town Hall to promote recycling. The initiative, which began on August 16th, sought the best photo of someone recycling glass. The municipality launched this ‘reverde’ movement by convening this photography contest with one objective: to know if the citizens of Mijas recycle.

“This contest really represents what we wanted to happen: which is for families to come together to raise awareness among the youngest members of the household on glass recycling”, said the councillor for Street Cleaning, Laura Moreno (PSOE), at the same time adding that the Town Hall is still waiting to “know if we are to be awarded the Ecovidrio Green Flag, which would indicate that Mijas is a municipality that recycles glass and does so correctly”.


Ana Romero and José Javier Valencia were both winners of the contest, along with their three daughters. They are a family that, as stated by Moreno, perfectly represents the objective of this campaign. “When I saw the presentation of the contest”, said Romero, “I saw that I had the opportunity to present myself in the best possible way: for my daughter to appear in the photo recycling glass, so I dressed her up to look her best and we went along to recycle in the green container. Even though when they are at school the children are taught how to recycle, we also do so at home”.

On the other hand, Valencia, the other winner, did not want to make a statement but his daughter took his place: “My parents have won the contest separately and I laughed a lot when I learned the decision, because the fact that they both won each on their own is a great coincidence”, added Paula Valencia laughing.

Green Flags Movement

With this campaign, Mijas sought to obtain the Green Flag of Ecovidrio, a recognition that rewards the effort of the municipality as regards glass recycling. While waiting to know if the municipality has obtained the distinction, the Council for Cleaning is already thinking about another project: “The most imminent project is the awarding of the new cleaning contract, which has much to do with recycling, with the installation of brown containers in the municipality, with which we are going to raise awareness and educate the population so that together we can achieve a greener planet”, concluded Moreno.

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