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Civil Protection volunteers from the province are trained in traffic matters in Mijas

  • Todos los participantes al finalizar el curso, el diputado Luis Rodríguez y los ediles mijeños Francisco Jerez y Marcos Cortés en el centro.

The course lasted two days and included both theoretical and practical sessions

The Civil Protection volunteers do an important work cooperating with the security forces such as the Local Police and the Mijas Fire Brigade, as well as the health services. For two days, 34 Civil Protection volunteers from the groups in Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Cártama, Monda, Estepona, Marbella and Mijas, among others, have participated in the course on traffic regulation and management. According to the organisation, this training course "aims to provide the volunteers with the necessary tools to be able to regulate the traffic of vehicles and people in order to guarantee mobility and safety". 

"They are volunteers who come unpaid, in their free time, to train, as in many events, especially in summer, they collaborate with us in regulating traffic", explained Ángel Blanc, sub-inspector of the Mijas Local Police, in charge of giving the course together with his colleague, also a local policeman, as well as coordinator of Civil Protection, David Gutiérrez. 

  • El subinspector de la Policía Local, Angel Blanc, junto a voluntarios de Protección Civil.

The course lasted 12 hours, distributed over two days in which the Mijas Local Police instructed them in something which may seem easy, but is complex, such as regulating traffic. The first part was theoretical and they learned about the legislation, their competences and some recommendations to follow, "for example, a very basic piece of advice, someone who is regulating traffic cannot stop a very bulky vehicle because it can block visibility and someone on a motorbike may not see the person who is regulating traffic, missing the indication to stop and running over a person", said Blanc. 

Ángel Vázquez is one of the 14 volunteers from the Mijas Civil Protection who took part in the training activity, where "the theory was very good, they explained the traffic signs to us, the rules of the officers and the legislation, so that we don't have problems with any users", explained Vázquez, who assured that he takes part in all the courses because the training is "very necessary". 

  • El diputado Luis Rodríguez, los ediles mijeños Francisco Jerez y Marcos Cortés y el subinspector de la Policía Local de Mijas, Ángel Blanc.

Institutional collaboration 

The course took place last Monday and Tuesday. On the first day the theoretical part was given in the Training and Employment building, while the practical part took place in the surroundings of Cortijo Don Elías in Las Lagunas. The activity is organised by the Provincial Council with the collaboration of different administrations, on this occasion, with the Mijas Town Hall. "This is the first time that this course has been given to Civil Protection volunteers from Andalusia", explained the councillor for Civil Protection in Mijas, Francisco Jerez (Vox), who attended the training together with the councillor for Mobility, Marco Cortés (PP). "Safety depends on everyone, and that is why we must be perfectly coordinated in any situation that may occur. This training aims to promote teamwork and to get to know in depth the rules to guarantee internal mobility in our municipality and road safety education," explained Jerez.

  • Uno de los momentos de las prácticas realizadas en la tarde del martes, a la izquierda el coordinador de Protección Civil Mijas, David Gutiérrez.

For his part, the provincial deputy for Safety and Emergencies, Luis Rodríguez, explained that this type of activities are organised continuously by the Provincial Council to "promote training". "The mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata, made the request and we started to work on this complete course with the participation of volunteers from all over the Costa del Sol. We will continue this line of work so that the people in Málaga have the best possible well-being, safety and quality of life", concluded the provincial deputy.

Due to the high demand for this course, the Local Police and Civil Protection Mijas are considering repeating this training activity after the summer. "We are hoping that it can be repeated and that more people can be trained", concluded Jerez. 

  • Un voluntario de Protección Civil durante un ejercicio práctico.
  • Los participantes realizaron las prácticas en diferentes vías del entorno del Cortijo Don Elías en Las Lagunas.


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