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'Mijas a plena luz, poesía en la calle' will fill Mijas with verses

  • Twenty-two local poets are collaborating with the initiative, offering words full of love, longing and dreams
  • El concejal de Cultura, Juan Carlos Maldonado, junto a sus asesores este martes en la Casa Museo en la presentación de la cuarta edición de la iniciativa.

This is the fourth edition of this poetry tour which will be inaugurated on the 28th of June

Mijas will once again be filled with poetry. The councillor for Culture, Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP), presented this Tuesday the fourth edition of 'Poetry in the street' (Mijas in broad daylight, poetry in the street), an initiative which aims to bring literature closer to residents and visitors through the work of 22 local authors.

According to Maldonado, "the corners of Mijas are already charming, but with this initiative they will be even more magical. These writers and poets have created verses that will decorate the walls of different parts of the village and will replace the existing ones, as they are renewed every year", explained the councillor.

The places chosen are some of the most unique and visited corners of the town, such as Avenida del Compás, Avenida de México, Calle Málaga, Calle Muros, Calle Coín and Plaza de los 7 Caños. The poetry tour will be inaugurated with the authors on the 28th when all the verses are in place. 

The authors

In this edition, the selected authors are Dave Alcaide, Pedro Miguel Ponce, Marisi Morales Martínez, Rosa María Badillo Baena, María Luisa Morales, Guadalupe Eichelbaum, Cristina Núñez, Rosa Martín Karsten, Pepa Luna, Amanda Lake, José Enrique Parapar Mediavilla, Francisco Flores Martínez, Pilar Núñez, Irene González, Elizabeth López Martín, Laura Benavides, Andrea España Rodríguez, David Ruiz, Josefa Cuevas Gutiérrez, Julio Conejo, José Moreno and Lucas González Rengel.

The councillor recalled that in the first edition, verses by universal poets and contemporary poets from Malaga were chosen, while in the second and third editions, they chose neighbours who "were not poets but who gave their all in creating the verses". Now they have opted for writers from the municipality as a way of promoting their work and highlighting their role in the cultural scene.

The aim of the initiative is to bring literature closer to residents and visitors. The Culture Department has prepared a guide with the points where the verses will be displayed with the intention of creating a tour for residents and visitors. The information pamphlets will be available at the Floks Museum and at the Tourist Office in Mijas Pueblo. 

In addition, a digital book has been produced where you can find the complete poem to which they belong. It is published online and can be accessed through the QR that you will find in the pamphlets.

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