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The PP wins the elections to the European Parliament in Mijas and also in Spain

  • The PP had 6,560 votes in Mijas
  • The PSOE was the second most voted party in Mijas with 5,380 votes, followed by Vox, with 2,732 votes, and Se Acabó La Fiesta, with 2,040 votes

The turnout in Mijas was 38.68%, with a total of 19,449 voters, 13.48 points less than in 2019. Abstention was 61.31% (30,829 voters).

In these elections to the European Parliament, foreign residents in Mijas could vote if they had previously requested to do so. Of the 1063 foreig voters, 266 exercised their right to vote in the polling station set up in the Polideportivo de La Cala de Mijas. 

After finding out the results of the European elections in Mijas, the spokesman of the PP in the municipality, Mario Bravo, in statements to the special programme on the elections of Mijas Comunicación, stressed that ‘the Europeans have voted for parties that offer solutions, either real or not so real’. 

In terms of assessments, the councillor highlighted "the role of young people, the new voters, who no longer get their information from newspapers, but from tiktok. We have to be able to provide them with information". He also added that "it is worrying that only about 38% of the population voted".

As for the overall results, Bravo said, ‘the PP has gone up from 13 to 22 (MEPs). We are very proud of exceeding 50%. If we analyse the data for Mijas, the PSOE has lost 30% and Cs has lost 94%, which must be related to the fact that they have been governing for the last four years. In the case of the PP, we have gained 1,139 votes, which is 21%, we are proud of the work we have done and we are excited to continue at this pace".

On the rise of the ultra parties, Bravo said that "we are not worried that they vote for these parties, we are worried that they do not vote for ours, that is, rather than trying to discredit other options, what we have to do is work so that people trust our party and the solutions that we offer".

For his part, once the final results of the European elections of June 9th were confirmed, the General Secretary of the PSOE in Mijas, Josele González, also intervened in Mijas Comunicación to point out ‘that the victory of the Popular Party over the Socialists, here in Spain, has not been as devastating as predicted by the PP or assured by some media, since the difference has been only two seats, with the PP obtaining 22 and the PSOE 20". In this sense, he went on to explain, "the Socialist Party has been able to control the situation and has only lost one MEP, and I believe that this is a reason for us to be happy".

However, what has personally surprised "and worried" the Socialist leader has been the "rise of the right-wing extremism in many countries in Europe".

Finally, Gonzalez also referred to the emergence of the party Se Acabó La Fiesta (SALF). In this regard, he said that he was "surprised" by the effect of this recently created party, "which as he said has arrived without proposals and is still a bit unknown, beyond its catchy slogan, but has released messages through social media that seem to have been well received by the population, especially by young people". 

The European People's Party (EPP) would be the winner of these elections, while the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D) would be the second most voted group. 

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