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Over 100 companies participate in the Foreigners’ International Networking Event

Junto al Ayuntamiento colaboró en la organización varios grupos de empresas de la Costa del Sol y el Club de Golf Chaparral.

Al encuentro acudió más de un centenar de negocios internacionales.

El edil de Extranjeros de Mijas, Mario Bravo, acudió a la cita.

Las empresas participantes son de sectores muy diversos.

The event was held at the Chaparral Golf Club and, together with the Town Hall, several companies from the Costa del Sol collaborated

Among the initiatives promoted by the Foreigners department of Mijas, which is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, are those aimed at offering advice on matters that concern citizens of other countries who decide to establish their residence in our town. Not only do they facilitate their social integration, many also set up their businesses here, therefore, another of the objectives is to facilitate their participation in the business sector. 

“With this in mind, together with various companies on the Costa del Sol, we are organising this International Business Networking Event, so that companies and businesses can get together. The aim is to explain through the experience of those people who knew nothing of Spain who came here once, decided to settle in Mijas and have managed if not to succeed, at least to get ahead in this world as complicated as the business world”, explained the councillor delegate of Foreigners, Mario Bravo (PP), during the development of this meeting. “From the Town Hall we must make things easier and remove barriers, but they are the ones who, with their initiative, have to move forward”, added the councillor. 

The event, which was held on Tuesday 5th at the Chaparral Golf Club, was attended by more than a hundred companies from different sectors such as insurance, communication or health, among others. This networking event also encourages direct contact between the companies and the people behind them. “It is not just about making contact, as in all other spheres of life, through Facebook or WhatsApp, it is also necessary to have that in-person contact”, said Neil Kesketh, president of the Costa del Sol Press Club, who added that “here on the Costa del Sol it is very important because, at the end of the day, we come from many countries, many nationalities. And sometimes it is not normal for us to get together, so these meetings are key, especially in a town like Mijas, which has such a high percentage of foreigners”. Lucía Melgarejo, financial advisor at Blanc Tower, said that “it is the way to make yourself known, especially here on the Costa del Sol, where we find international companies that have been established here for so many years. I have been giving financial advice for 20 years”. 

The Town Hall, through the department for Foreigners, organises this space to promote the exchange of information, experiences, products and services of these companies. “Every day we have more and more international companies establishing themselves in Mijas, there are all kinds of companies and businesses. Many of them started their activity related to the foreign world, but now they work for anyone who lives or resides here”, concluded Bravo. 

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