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Sábado 22/06/2024


Up to 87 lifeguards will ensure the safety of bathers on Mijas beaches.

  • This service is operating since yesterday until the 30th of September, continuously, from 11:00 to 20:00 hours, with the objective of ‘zero victim’
  • The service also has a rescue drone based on La Cala beach, although it provides service to the entire coastline

La alcaldesa de Mijas, el edil de playas y el responsable de este departamento junto a los socorristas que este verano trabajarán en las playas de Mijas.

Al dispositivo se suma un verano más este dron de rescate con base en la playa del Torreón, aunque dará servicio a toda la franja litoral.

Los 87 socorristas cubrirán toda la franja del litoral mijeño.

Los 87 socorristas estarán distribuidos en 17 torres de vigilancia que disponen de una renovada imagen corporativa.

Imagen de dos socorristas en la playa de El Torreón.

Los efectivos, que vuelven a pertenecer a Socorrismo Málaga, aseguran que llegan con muchas ganas de hacer bien su trabajo.

La alcaldesa de Mijas junto al edil de playas y el responsable de este departamento dirigiéndose a los socorristas.

El dispositivo cuenta también con tres motos acuáticas y una ambulancia.

Para facilitar el baño de personas con movilidad reducida, se han dispuesto cuatro zonas de baño provistas de sombra y tumbonas para el descanso, así como muletas y silla

Estos puntos cuentan con la asistencia de socorristas formados y especializados en la atención a estos usuarios.

Imagen tomada por el dron mientras sobrevolaba la playa de La Cala.

The four bathing areas adapted for people with reduced mobility are maintained

The mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), and the councillor for Beaches, Daniel Gómez Teruel (PP), presented this Monday the lifeguard service for the summer season, which will be made up of a total of 87 lifeguards who will work every day from 11:00 to 20:00 hours, on an interrupted basis, until the 30th of September.

In this respect, the mayoress recalled that lifeguards are on duty all year round in the coastal area. However, for the summer, when the population of Mijas almost doubles, this device increases exponentially, in order to provide the beaches of Mijas with the greatest possible security. "The aim of this Town Hall is that both residents and visitors enjoy our coastline in the best conditions and with a total safety guarantee", said the mayoress.

The 87 lifeguards will be distributed among 17 watchtowers with a new corporate image. A completely new one has been installed on the beach of El Bombo, as the previous one was destroyed by the storm last March. They also have a rescue drone based on the Torreón beach, although it will serve the entire coastline. 

The staff, who once again belong to Socorrismo Málaga, assure us that they are eager to do their job well. This was stated by the coordinator of the Mijas Lifeguard and Rescue team, Javier Martín, who indicated that "this year we have a lot of new people, many well trained lifeguards who are very motivated". While the coordinator of the company, Gonzalo Botta, stressed that "this summer, we will continue trying to maintain our goal of zero casualties; we have been in the service for seven years and, thank God, in this time, we have not had to lament any fatalities".

Accessible bathing areas

To facilitate bathing for people with reduced mobility, four bathing areas have been provided with shade and sun loungers for resting, as well as crutches and amphibious chairs for accessing the sea with the assistance of lifeguards trained and specialised in caring for these users.
The councillor for Beaches also indicated that the 17 public toilets, footbaths, eight drinking water fountains and showers in the adapted bathing areas will be in operation. "Due to the drought we are suffering, the showers won't be operational. I appeal to everyone who goes to the beach this summer to use water in a controlled and responsible way", explained Gómez Teruel. 

As for the Local Police, they will deploy officers in the transit and access areas, in addition to a pair of officers who will cycle along the Senda Litoral to ensure the wellbeing of all users.

The rest of the year

The mayoress recalled that the Mijas coastline is under surveillance all year round. During Easter Week, there are also 87 lifeguards on duty, although their timetable is from 12:00 to 19:00 hours. On May and October weekends there are 62 lifeguards on duty from 11:00 to 19:00 and during the months of January, February, November and December two lifeguards guard the Coastal Path at weekends and on public holidays from 11:00 to 17:00. The rest of the months the service is available from 11:00 to 19:00 hours. 

Condition of the beaches

As for the condition of the beaches, the councillor assured that "they are in perfect condition thanks to the work we have been doing over the last few months, adding sand and other tasks at areas such as El Bombo beach, which was destroyed after the last storm". This, Gómez Teruel explained, is confirmed by the certificates awarded to the Mijas coastline: "the four blue flags, the blue trail and the Q for quality which will be awarded very soon".

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