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Mijas renews four Blue Flags along its coastline

  • Once again obtains a Blue Centre certification thanks to the watchtower museum located in El Torreón in La Cala

Mijas revalida sus cuatro banderas azules |

Playa Royal Beach |

Playa adaptada de El Bombo |

Playa del Chaparral |

Vista aérea de la playa del Torreón |

The beaches Calahonda-Royal Beach-La Luna, El Bombo, El Chaparral and La Cala have once again been awarded with this important international distinction

The municipality of Mijas has renewed its four Blue Flags, a recognised distinction that validates the excellence of its services and the condition of its beaches. Specifically, the beaches Calahonda-Royal Beach-La Luna, El Chaparral, El Bombo and La Cala will wave these prestigious flags again this year. 

The distinctions are awarded annually by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC). In order to obtain them, an exhaustive evaluation of parameters as varied as water quality, environmental management, safety, information and accessibility is carried out. These requirements have been met on the Mijas coastline, as was announced yesterday in a communiqué issued by the organisation. 

For this reason, the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), thanked in a press release "the effort made by the people who work on the beaches to maintain their excellence, as they are one of the main tourist, leisure and environmental attractions of the municipality", said the mayoress. Thus, Mata has highlighted the tireless work performed by the Beaches Department "who are always, 365 days a year, giving their best so that we can be proud of our coastline". 

"I would like to remind you that in just a few days our employees completely restored El Bombo beach after a huge storm destroyed it in March. Now, at the same spot, we have a Blue Flag, which is the best reflection and recognition of their dedication", said the mayoress. She also highlighted the essential role of other involved areas, such as entrepreneurs, lifeguards, cleaning staff and police officers, etc.

The only Blue Centre in the province 

For his part, the councillor for Beaches, Daniel Gómez Teruel (PP), explained that Mijas has a Blue Centre, the only one in the province of Malaga. These are spaces for visitors, marine and nature museums located in towns linked to the Blue Flag, which can be visited by everyone and which include among their objectives and activities environmental education linked to local ecosystems and specific information on the Blue Flag Programme. In the case of Mijas it is available thanks to the Watchtower museum in Torreón in La Cala.

The government team recalled that the municipality has recently renewed the Blue Path distinction in the Coastal Path, a recognition that is also awarded annually by the ADEAC.

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