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The opening of Carrefour Cala Mijas creates 100 posts occupied by people from Mijas

  • It is located on Avenida Mare Nostrum and was inaugurated on Wednesday afternoon

La alcaldesa de Mijas, Ana Mata (centro), junto a los representantes de Costa Sol Hipermercados, Carrefour y Diputación, así como empleados del centro caleño.

Parte de la plantilla de La Canasta Hipermercado Carrefour Cala Mijas.

Parte de la plantilla de Hipermercado Carrefour Cala Mijas.

Expositor gastronómico durante la inauguración.

It has a surface area of more than 9,000 square metres, of which 2,500 square metres are sales area

On Wednesday, Carrefour Cala Mijas opened its doors to the public at 9:00 hours on Avenida Mare Nostrum. It is the result of the alliance between Costa Sol Hipermercado and Carrefour, its opening has meant the creation of 100 direct jobs, all occupied by residents of Mijas, plus about 200 indirect jobs. The supermarket has a surface area of 9,000 square metres, of which 2,500 square metres correspond to the sales area. This is the first phase of a larger project, which will continue with the doubling of the sales area to 5,000 square metres (the same as the other hypermarket already installed in Mijas, located on Avenida Los Lirios in Las Lagunas). The facilities also provide 500 surface parking spaces. 

Carrefour Cala Mijas was officially inaugurated Wednesday 15th in the afternoon. The event was attended by a large representation of the municipal corporation, headed by the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), as well as representatives of Costa Sol Hipermercados, Carrefour Spain, the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia and Malaga, as well as employees and neighbours. The government team affirms that this is a "right and safe" bet. "I think we are very fortunate in Mijas. The fact that companies like Carrefour are setting up here is welcome because, without a doubt, it creates employability and is an opportunity for Mijeños and Mijeñas who want a job and who also want to stay in their territory, they do not have to go outside Mijas. Therefore, I think we should be thankful that family businesses want to bet on our town and, in this regard, help them and go hand in hand for other actions they want to develop within the municipality", said the mayoress of Mijas at the opening. "It is important, not only for employment, but also for the quality of employment. A family business, but growing, with a lot of tradition, established, doing things well and, above all, an opportunity for Mijeños to grow professionally and also grow in their family with the stability that employment in a company like this gives", said, for his part, the councillor for Employment Promotion, Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP). 

In Mijas, there are currently two Carrefour hypermarkets (Las Lagunas and La Cala), in the province of Malaga there are more than 120 shops. Regarding the Cala Mijas hypermarket, the president and general manager of Costa Sol Hipermercados, Aurelio Martín, pointed out that "for us this is a very important project, we have been looking to build a hypermarket here for many years, we believe that this is a potentially growing area". Carrefour has been in the province of Malaga since 1975. The French company in Spain assures us that its commercial offer is "the most complete, the prices are very good and the commercial offer of the promotion is unbeatable", we have market prices that are perfectly comparable to any chain and, in addition to this, we add a commercial offer in promotion that differentiates us enormously. Our food range is the widest in the Spanish retail sector.  This shop, for example, incorporates more than 500 references from local suppliers", explained Ignacio Cobos, Expansion Director of Carrefour Spain Centres. 

The government team also insist on the need to collaborate with companies such as Carrefour and Costa Sol Hipermercado, firms to whom they are grateful for the trust placed in them. "It shows a very strong commitment to the growth and future of Mijas and what they expect from Mijas. What they expect from us is that we rise to the occasion. The Town Hall must support this type of business as much as possible, facilitating all the administrative tasks, as well as collaborating with them for the opening and maintenance", said the councillor of the Municipal PP Group in the Mijas Town Hall, Mario Bravo. For his part, the councillor of the Vox Municipal Group Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson acknowledged that "it is a sector that provides a lot of employment and can continue to do so, and everything that the Town Hall does to facilitate this type of food and basic necessities companies, as I come from this sector, I know what it does, I have dedicated my whole life to this, I know how important it and I have a special affection for it". 

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