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President Pedro Sánchez visited the Cala Mijas International Festival

  • The Cala Mijas Festival has already confirmed the dates of its third edition, the 29th, 30th and 31st of August 2024

The acting president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, together with representatives of the municipalities and of the organisation

Sánchez en un momento de la visita al Festival Cala Mijas

The newcomer festival in 2022 received a visit from Sánchez to support "the cultural and economic boost" produced by the organisation of these events

On Friday, the Cala Mijas Festival, organised by the Mijas Town Hall and the Last Tour company, received the visit of the acting president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, coinciding with the celebration of the second edition of the event, which on this occasion welcomed more than 70 bands, international and national artists for 3 days at the Sonora Mijas venue and the concert area set up on the beachfront next to El Torreón.

A visit that the Town Hall wanted to appreciate as "a real boost and a sign of support for culture and the celebration of this type of festivals in Spain". As he announced during his visit, "Spain is the number one tourist destination for music festivals worldwide, with around 900 held each year, including classical music cycles".

This was emphasised by the mayor of the town, Josele González (PSOE): "We are very happy and grateful for the visit of President Pedro Sánchez to the Cala Mijas Festival, a project that we celebrated for the first time just a year ago and that already in its first edition exceeded all expectations, winning the award for the revelation festival in Spain and achieving an estimated economic impact of over 20 million euros in the area".

This type of festival, according to González, "is a great injection for the Spanish economy, generating some 500 million euros a year and creating some 300,000 permanent and temporary jobs". This was the case of Cala Mijas in its first edition, which, with the attendance of more than 100,000 people from 50 countries, was a great boost to the economy of the town and the whole province.

In this regard, Eva Castillo, communications director of the festival said that "we are very happy that he has chosen Cala Mijas to support the live music sector. His visit encourages us to continue working for culture so that the festival will be an international destination in the coming summers". The Town Hall and the organisers are grateful for the support received by the government for the celebration of this event, which aims to continue to grow in future editions.

The Cala Mijas Festival has already confirmed the dates of its third edition and has put on sale the first tickets at a special price. La Cala de Mijas will once again be the epicentre of the best music and the endless summer.

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