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Jueves 07/12/2023


Mijas receives more than twenty awards for the quality of its beaches

  • According to the Town Hall, these distinctions place the municipality at the head of Andalusia
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The four blue flags obtained in 2023 are already flying, in addition to the 9 Q for Quality and the blue path recognition, among other distinctions

From today, the four blue flags obtained this season, one more than last season, are flying on the beaches of La Cala, El Bombo, Royal Beach-La Luna and El Chaparral (which has a new one this year), in addition to the 9 Q Quality flags, the ISO 14001 certificate, the blue trail, the blue centre and the recognition of the lifeguard and first aid team. According to the Town Hall, these distinctions place the municipality at the head of Andalusia and reflect the good work done by Mijas in terms of beaches, said the mayor of the town, Josele González (PSOE), pointing out that "there are many people who contribute to make our coastline a tourist reference, that is why today we wanted to take a big family photo with all of them, to show that our coast is worthy of these flags thanks to the transversal service provided by the beach workers, lifeguards, Basic Income workers, Local Police and beach entrepreneurs, among many others".  

For his part, the councillor for Beaches and Tourism of Mijas Town Council, José Carlos Martín (Cs), stated that "in Mijas we have the best beaches you can have and not only for the safety we guarantee in terms of lifeguard or police service, but also for the wide variety of services we offer and for their quality". As for the awards obtained, the Beaches councillor reminded that "all these accreditations have their assessments throughout the year, so our coastline must always be in the best conditions, and all this is thanks to the joint work of many areas of this council, not forgetting also the business sector". 

Quality standards

Achieving these recognitions, explained the Beaches technician Francis Pérez, is no easy task, as the Mijas coastline must undergo very strict technical quality controls, "in fact, to obtain the ISO 14001 for the Environment, all the waste generated on the beach is traced. We also take fuel consumption into account, the management of alerts and incidents and, of course, the quality of the sand and water, good access and lifeguard services, among other aspects", said Pérez. 

The wide gastronomic offer is provided by the twenty beach bars and kiosks, which are also very satisfied with these awards. "This is an incentive that gives us even more strength to continue working as we have done so far, because it is the result of everything we do to make the beaches of Mijas the best", said Carlos Morales, president of the Association of Beach Entrepreneurs of Mijas.

In summary, the mayor stressed that "both our neighbours and those who visit us can rest assured that they will not find a safer and cleaner environment than the beaches of Mijas and this is due to the efforts of so many people who work hard from first thing in the morning until the last swimmer leaves our beaches to ensure that things are done well. 

Teamwork for the excellence of our coastline

We have also spoken to those people who work daily on the beach to ensure that our coastline is, year after year, one of the main letters of presentation of Mijas. 

The first to set foot on the sand are the Basic Income workers dedicated to cleaning and tidying up our coastline. More than 120 employees work in different shifts from 6 in the morning until 22:30 at night. "I personally love that our work is recognised, both with these flags and on a daily basis, because many people thank us for keeping everything so clean, for removing the reeds and seaweed, picking up the rubbish, cleaning the toilets, etc.", said worker Esther Pérez. 

Equally essential are the 62 lifeguards who, every day, ensure the safety of bathers, also providing great help on the adapted beaches. "Most of the people who see us here tell us that our work is very important because before anything happens we have already prevented it from happening, and in general they are very happy with us", said lifeguard Eire Crespo.

And for the last six years a cycling unit of the Local Police has also been circulating along the Coastal Path of Mijas to reduce response times in the event of any emergency. "The most common cases in which we intervene are related to street vending, the issue of pickpockets, massages that are done illegally, as well as any type of altercation that may occur with a person who is affected by alcohol or other substances in the beach bar areas", said officer Pablo Narvaez. 

The summer has only just begun but all these teams are already at 100% to ensure that the high tourist season in Mijas is once again a success.

An excellent high tourist season is forecast for Mijas, especially from next week onwards.


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