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Sábado 22/06/2024
  • The students of the Sustainability and Climate Change course in the 1st year of Bachillerato have been the architects of these points


IES Sierra de Mijas students draw up an electoral programme with sustainable proposals

  • The measures have been sent to the parties running in the next municipal elections

Students in the Sustainability and Climate Change course in the first year of baccalaureate were the authors of these proposals

They are not a political party but, in the middle of the election campaign, they have launched a programme of proposals for 28M. The students in the Sustainability and Climate Change course in the first year of Baccalaureate at the IES Sierra de Mijas have drawn up a document with 17 measures that they have sent to the parties running in the elections in our municipality with the aim that the future local government team will take them into account so that, they say, they can live better. Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and the 2030 Agenda, these youths have developed a package of local proposals that seek the sustainability of the municipality, measures that they intend that, after the elections on 28 May, will be implemented by the next government team of Mijas in the new mandate.

Three of the students in these classes explain some of the points included in their programme. Yasir Ajouaouen explains that "instead of innovating everything in infrastructures or creating train lines, we propose to reuse what we already have. For example, the constructions that are being built around the IES Vega de Mijas, replace them with orchards because the soil is very fertile and can be used for plantations, it would be better to keep these areas as agricultural land and move the buildings to another place".

They have not only thought of measures in terms of innovation and infrastructures, they are also committed to local production and respect for the coast, as Julia Amaro explains, "we have to implement local production in our land, from Malaga, instead of importing products from other countries, in this way we not only help local farmers but also favour the environment because these products do not need to be transported from far away". In addition, adds Lucas Carmona, "a minimum amount of coastline without construction should be respected, specifically 10%, and sometimes we find that there is practically very little space between a beach bar and the sea".

These students have been working along these lines for months and they do it in a transversal manner through different subjects, as the Sierra de Mijas secondary school is classified as an eco-school, says teacher Mabel Gutierrez, so "as an eco-school, one of our main objectives is precisely to transform our centre, make it more sustainable and influence our environment, the family and the municipality, and this has been a very good opportunity, to take advantage of the elections so that they listen to us a little and there is a real change of paradigms on the Costa del Sol".

The measures have been already passed on to the parties running in the next municipal elections. Let's hope that the future government will take them into account. No doubt they will find good advisors here.