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AquaMijas opens its doors to a new season

  • Above, members of the local council and representatives of Aquamijas. Below, one of the attractions of the water park

This year it features improvements in access and catering

The most fun and refreshing leisure offer on the Costa del Sol is back. AquaMijas opened its doors this week. The high temperatures have encouraged many to take a dip, especially, given the time of year, tourists, such as british visitor Kat Gilroy, who said that “the park is fantastic, fantastic, it’s great for the whole family”. 

Alongside her, we spoke to Damien McKay from Scotland, who felt the same: “It’s my first time here and it’s fantastic, it’s a very nice place and the prices are good, excellent, very good”. 

The park opens its 2023 season with new features, as highlighted by the director, María del Mar Asesio: “we have changed the whole ticket system, separating it from the direct entrance to the park to facilitate access by making it more agile and eliminating the queues, which, as you know, in summer, make it a hazardous sport to enter AquaMijas, so we will avoid all those problems”.

The restaurant area has also been enlarged. “We have expanded it with more tables, with daily entertainment so that everyone can have fun from the first minute it opens, so that the client will enjoy a wider gastronomic offer and will have more space to do so”, said Asesio. 

One more season AquaMijas aspires to become one of the best water parks in Andalusia and another tourist attraction in the municipality. Nor has it forgotten the locals, for whom it is making offers once again. “The locals of Mijas and Fuengirola will have, as every year, the Saturday offer at 50% discount both at the ticket office and online, and we also try to make the campaign ‘Mójate con la solidaridad’ (Take a Splash for Solidarity) as extensive as possible so that our neighbours can enjoy AquaMijas all season”, said the director of the park. 


A recreational-touristic reference

Part of the municipal corporation, led by the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), attended the opening of the park on Monday 24th. The Town Hall values AquaMijas’ commitment to local employment and the solidarity of this establishment. 

“It is a great fortune for us to have this type of establishment in the municipality, also, taking into account the large number of hires it undertakes, how it invigorates the environment of the municipality, which adds to the creation of employment within the tourist area during the summer”, said the mayor.

In addition to the many indirect jobs generated by AquaMijas, the park opens with 55 hires and, they assure that this numebr will reach 130 employees in high season, many of them, they emphasize, from Mijas. The opening of this centre will also boost the tourism sector. 

Its location, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, and facilities make it an important attraction for visitors, as added the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs): “we, as could not be otherwise, on behalf of the Town Hall, are pleased that a company based in Mijas has this impact and is an attraction that adds to those that Mijas already has, so from here, we would like to thank all the managers of the water park”.

The corporation also endorses the corporate social responsibility of the company, which once again this year is concerned that all residents pass through its facilities.

 This was highlighted by the PP councillor, Lourdes Burgos, who stressed that the park “collaborates with everyone, as there are people who cannot afford to come to the water park because of the price and AquaMijas puts a significant number of tickets at the disposal of these vulnerable families because they are from Mijas and love Mijas”. 

The non-attached councillor, Juan Carlos Maldonado said “it shows year after year that they are improving their facilities, contributing to the progress of Mijas society in employment, generating many jobs, and in solidarity, in their commitment to make it open to the people of Mijas”.

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