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Martes 26/09/2023


The pipes and road surfaces of four streets in La Sierrezuela are being renovated

  • The investment in the piping has been around half a million euros, to which 200,000 euros have been added for the asphalting

The pipes and road surfaces of four streets in La Sierrezuela are being renovated |

The mayor, Josele González (centre), and the councillor for Infrastructures and Works, José Carlos Martín (left), talk to the director of Acosol Carlos Cañavate |

Acosol has changed the network using the water cannon, while the asphalting has been done by the Town Hall with the Urbanisation Asphalting Plan

Between 2019 and 2023 it is expected that around 5 million euros will be invested from the water canon; an amount per cubic metre of the total amount of the water bill that Acosol sets aside to be used entirely to improve infrastructures. If it was recently announced that 300,000 euros were allocated to the implementation of a separate network for rainwater and sewage in Calle Córdoba in Calahonda, now the Town Hall and Acosol have reported the completion of works in four streets in urbanisation La Sierrezuela, also charged to the water cannon, an example of the joint collaboration between the two administrations. "In these four years there has been a great turning point in the investments that Acosol has made in our municipality, they are numerous, substantial and we have to thank the management during these four years, who have worked side by side with the Department for Infrastructures of the Mijas Town Hall; we have managed to unblock major pending works", said the mayor of Mijas, Josele Gonzalez (PSOE).

The managing director of Acosol, Carlos Cañavate, explained that, specifically, in this action, "we have tried to improve the water supply service. These were very old pipes, which are made of fibre cement, and we have tried to modernise the piping system, above all, seeking a better service for citizens and efficiency, eliminating water losses and controlling costs". In this respect, the councillor explained that the work has been carried out in the streets of La Sierrezuela, Mirador de La Sierrezuela, Ramos and La Era, where they went "to highlight this investment of almost 500,000 euros that has replaced a drinking water supply network that was almost 50 years old" made of asbestos cement with cast iron pipes. "What we have tried to do is to renovate the entire pipeline, around 3,000 linear metres. This is an important work from an economic point of view that will improve the entire supply network because these pipes were old, had many leaks and usually broke, precisely because of how old they were", added the councillor for Infrastructure and Works and first deputy mayor, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who added that "in addition, the Infrastructure area has executed 200,000 euros of the 'Plan de Asfaltado en Urbanizaciones' to improve the roads and thus promote road safety".


Future actions

From Acosol, Cañavate assured that "within the canon of Mijas" other streets will be improved. In this regard, Martín pointed out that within this canon, work will be undertaken to install separate networks for rainwater and sewage in streets of La Cala where they do not yet exist and fibre cement pipes will be eliminated, especially in areas of Las Lagunas and Mijas Pueblo.

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