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1,300 people apply for almost 1,000 jobs at the Red Cross job fair

  • The NGO believes that between 30 and 40% of the job vacancies will be filled
  • The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, and members of the government team with representatives of the Red Cross and the participating companies |

The initiative is part of its Training and Professional Experience programme, to which the Town Hall allocates 10,000 euros per year

Almost a thousand jobs on offer and the presence of some 35 companies from the Costa del Sol, most of which are related to the service sector. These are the figures for the 1st Employment Day of the Red Cross, Costa del Sol-Ocúpate, which the NGO held yesterday at Cortijo Don Elías with the collaboration of the Mijas Town Hall. In total, more than 1,300 applicants have registered for the process, who have come to the facilities by appointment, to which must be added those who have done so without an appointment. 

Expectations for the success of this first job fair are high. The provincial president of the Red Cross, Luis Utrilla, said in this regard that they are trying to reach "over 40%" of the target: "That is, that there are 300-400 people who go home with a contract or a contract proposal that is a little light in their lives and that is much more than just a job, there is a family behind it and a lot of hope to get ahead". The mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), described the day as "a great success". "What we did not know is that it would raise so much expectation, it has been exciting to see the start of this first job fair in which we have provided all the facilities for companies on the Costa del Sol to be here to hire all those job seekers who are unemployed or looking for a professional change in their lives", said the mayor, who praised the profile of the Mijeños: "I have personally toured all the companies to recommend that they hire people from Mijas, provided, of course, they meet their curricular requirements.

  • The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, greeting the representatives of the company Ilunion |

The companies present, many of them multinational and from the service sector, have brought a wide range of jobs to this fair: "There is Leroy Merlin, there are hotels, companies from the service sector, construction, solar panels... there are all kinds of companies; I think this means that all types of unemployed profiles that we have in our municipality have an opportunity and, finally, the companies end up hiring", explained the councillor for Employment Promotion, Laura Moreno (PSOE). This is the case, she said, of the students in one of the courses that her area teaches: "It is important, and special for us, that there are home help companies or companies that manage residences because we have a course that ends next week and our students will have the opportunity to work because we have already spoken with these companies and the expectations are of 100% insertion".

Municipal collaboration

For his part, the councillor for Social Services, Hipólito Zapico (PSOE), explained that this "is a very big job that has been done by the Red Cross in a professional training programme that is co-financed by the European Union and by the Mijas Town Hall". "From Social Services we have been financing this programme with 10,000 euros per year for several years and this is the culmination of all the work of the last three or four years in which this programme has borne fruit at other levels but the Red Cross wanted to raise it and the truth is that it has exceeded the forecasts somewhat because people have been left on the waiting list to enter", he added. "From Cruz Roja Malaga we can only thank the Mijas Town Hall for this employment issue as well as others such as the homeless, school support or the cash cards. For us, the Town Hall is one of the pillars of the entire Western Costa del Sol and allows us to reach thousands and thousands of people. Right now we are attending to 85,000 people in the province", said Utrilla, hundreds of them from Mijas, he added. 

Candidates and companies

The job fair, held in the morning and afternoon, looks set to continue due to its great success with both companies and the unemployed. "I am looking for a job. I have come to leave my CV to see if they can give me the opportunity. I have little experience, but I really want to find a job so that I can feed my children", said Andrea Fábregas. Like her, more than 1,300 registered people, plus those who have come without an appointment, have come to Cortijo Don Elías to look for a job thanks to this fair, described as "a fabulous opportunity" by Alicia Gambero, another candidate, "because it encourages all Mijeños to have more work and to be able to look for work elsewhere". "I think it's a good opportunity to do this kind of thing so that people can come and submit their CVs and sign up for whatever it is", said Andrés Navarro, a Mijeño who has been working abroad for years and now wants to do so in his homeland. 

  • Representatives of the Town Hall, headed by the Mayor, the Red Cross and the participating companies |

The companies have seen a unique opportunity to find the profiles they are looking for. The selection technician for Clece and its subsidiaries, Mario Infante, explained that his company's priority is to "promote employment in the locations" in which it works "because of the proximity and because there are very good profiles in the local area and we can give them that opportunity". "I think this is a first contact for both parties, both for the candidate and for the company, another way of getting to know the candidate directly", added the Clece technician, who is looking for different profiles as it is a multi-service company: "we run nursery schools, hospital cleaning, office cleaning, home help services...". 

  • The Red Cross job fair is held in the Cortijo Don Elías and has aroused great expectation |

Ilunion Lavanderías was also looking for workers, specifically for 12 positions. "We have many job offers for the summer season. We have about 12 open offers and we are creating a job bank for when the incorporation arrives because the hotels will soon open and new services will be started", said Carmen Rodríguez, a recruitment technician at Ilunion Lavanderías, which is looking for staff for this subsidiary, Ilunion Facility and the group's hotels. "These types of fairs are very interesting because, as well as being able to attract candidates and meet many people who, perhaps not now but in the future may have the possibility of joining the company, it is a resource for networking not only with the candidates but also with the companies," she added.

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