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Viernes 03/02/2023


The Council for Culture presents the series of training workshops for the next quarter

  • To take part in any of them, attendees are asked to collaborate with the Food Bank |

The registration period is now open for these courses, which are free of charge and in small groups

Following the Christmas break, the Department for Culture is resuming its series of training workshops for the next quarter, offering courses that are always very popular, although there are also new features, according to the councillor for Culture, Verónica Ensberg (PSOE). "We are once again offering courses that are already consolidated and very popular, such as 'Mijas, un pueblo de fotos', which we are continuing with and will again be taught by photographer Jerónimo Alba". 

In the case of the photography courses 'Mijas, a photo village', three courses are offered: introduction to digital photography (February 18th and 19th), product lighting (February 25th and 26th) and finally, introduction to drones and their application in photography (to be held on March 4th and 5th), in all three cases, from 9 to 14 hours. The first two courses will be offered by Jerónimo Alba and “for the third course we are counting on Alejandro Bautista Peña, who is going to teach us something as new as photography with drones", announced the councillor. 
The plastic artist Dora López is returning to offer another cultural course next quarter. Specifically, on March 18th and 19th, from 9 to 14 hours. She will be teaching the workshop 'Paint your paper, design your portfolio'. "The truth is that Dora López is a great artist and on this occasion she is going to teach us the pasting technique and in two days we will be able to make our own folder and learn how to work with it", commented Ensberg. 

New features
Personal development also plays a leading role this quarter with the workshop 'Cultivate your own voice'. "We also have another cycle for healthy culture, in which we will be able to enhance our artistic potential and our creativity, thanks to a workshop to be offered on March 11th and 12th by psychologist Kenneth Iversjö", reported the councillor for Culture. 

Finally, Ensberg presented the course 'Al compás del flamenco en Mijas'. "As a novelty this year we have opened a cycle in which we wanted to continue promoting flamenco in our municipality,  an art that is so ours and so much in demand. There is nothing better than inaugurating it with the flamenco singer Curro Cueto", explained Ensberg. There will be four workshops on flamenco: the origin of flamenco (Saturday April 15th); the metrics of flamenco, cantiñas and soleares (Sunday April 16th); the metrics of flamenco, tango, bulerías and la fragua (April 29th) and ‘cantes de Málaga’ (April 30th). All the courses will take place from 9 to 14 hours. 

Free and supportive workshops
As on previous occasions, these workshops "are completely free of charge, but of a charitable nature. The only thing that is asked of those attending is that they collaborate with the Mijas Food Bank. It should be remembered that last year a total of 1,500 kilos were collected, therefore not only promoting culture and giving visibility to the artists, but also encouraging solidarity among neighbours", said the councillor for Culture.  

Those interested in signing up for any of the workshops can now register by emailing cultura@mijas.es or by calling 952590380. The courses take place at the Employment Promotion Building in Las Lagunas and there are limited places available. “By having these small groups, the atmosphere is always more relaxed and the proximity of those who teach the classes with the students makes the courses more enjoyable and the fact is that the workshops are very successful", concluded Ensberg.

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