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Mijas gains population again and reaches almost 93.000 inhabitants

  • More than 127 nationalities live in the town, the British being the most numerous, with almost 9,000 residents
  • Now 92,920 people live in the municipality |

The municipality continues to be the third most populated in the province behind Málaga and Marbella

Mijas is once again gaining population and is close to 93,000 inhabitants, a figure that once again places the municipality as the third most populated in the province behind Málaga and Marbella. If last year it exceeded the barrier of 90,000 inhabitants, according to data provided by the Town Hall, now 92,920 people live in the municipality. "This shows that more and more families are deciding to establish their project in our municipality, precisely because of the great services it offers; because of the location, as it is well communicated with the capital and the city of Marbella; and, above all, also because of the job opportunities that are generated in our municipality", said the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), who took stock of the population data together with the councillor for Statistics of the Town Hall, Roy Pérez (PSOE).

For the mayor, Mijas is also growing in an "orderly" manner, as it generates "opportunities" for employment and also offers "top quality" services, and has much to offer its population, "much more than those 300 days of sunshine a year, much more than those 14 kilometres of coastline and much more than those 149 square kilometres of municipal area", not only to the nationals, but also to the foreign population.
"Of those

  • The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, and the councillor for Statistics, Roy Pérez, took stock of the latest data |

Of the foreign residents, the British continue to be the leading resident nationality with almost 9,000 inhabitants, followed by the Nordic group, with 2,800, Moroccans and Italians. However, there are many foreigners living in Mijas who are not registered: "we take the opportunity to ask all of them to come to the different municipal offices to formalise their registration in the municipality of Mijas and to continue growing in this way", explained González.

The fact is that population growth brings many advantages for the whole municipality: "Much of the income we receive in this Town Hall, in this municipality, is from the State and the Junta de Andalucía and these numbers are made through the census. The inhabitants we have in the municipality translate to income, which is then invested so that we have more security forces in the municipality or more infrastructure", concluded the councillor for Statistics.


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