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Viernes 03/02/2023


Pueblo Don Silverio begins its urbanisation works after two decades of unfinished projects

From left to right, councillors Andrés Ruiz (Cs) and José Carlos Martín (Cs) during a visit to the area on the 12th |

The Mijas Town Hall, together with the 50 owners of the housing estate, have achieved a “definitive solution” for this residential area

The Pueblo Don Silverio urbanisation in Mijas had been “unfinished” for two decades and “at last” the works have begun, which will allow the owners of this residential area to have all the basic services. This was reported by the councillor for Works and Infrastructures, José Carlos Martín (Cs), and the councillor for Town Planning, Andrés Ruiz (Cs), during a visit to the area, located on the A-387 road from Fuengirola to Mijas Pueblo, to inspect the start of the work. 

“We have spent more than five years processing all the documentation required, as it was an unfinished urbanisation with more than 20 years of problems, it had all kinds of issues and we decided together with the neighbours to put a definitive end to this situation. There are more than 50 owners in this urbanisation who had been dealing with this problem”, Ruiz explained.

“The project was drawn up by the Town Hall, it has been put out to tender by the Local Council, which acts as intermediary. We are basing the project on cooperation and this work is paid for by the owners. I want to make it clear that this is not a municipal undertaking, but is financed with money from the owners, to whom the receipts corresponding to the 1,800,000 euros covering the valuation of the completion of all these works have been sent by the Tax Administration”, Martín explained. 

The works have a completion period of 5 months, as reported by Martín, who highlighted the “revaluation that these properties are going to obtain when the works are finished”, and the quality of life that the residents of this area are going to enjoy, as it is going to experience a significant improvement”, he added. 

In this regard, the councillor explained that Pueblo Don Silverio is a housing development “that was left unfinished and was abandoned, after the developer began the work more than 19 years ago. There are unfinished manholes, pavements without tiles, roads without asphalt, a sewage network that does not work, lighting that does not exist. Facing this situation, what the Mijas Town Hall has done is listen to the demands of the owners, who asked us to help to promote these works and this is precisely what we have done”. 

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