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Viernes 03/02/2023


Osunillas celebrates the feast of San Antón on Tuesday the 17th following a two-year break

  • Moment when the animals were blessed in 2020 |

Mass will be celebrated at 12:00, followed by the traditional blessing of the animals

It may not seem important to those who do not know about this tradition, but since 2020 the call of the conch shell that signals the beginning of the festivity of San Antón has not resounded through the hills of the Mijas suburb of Osunillas. That is why Tuesday 17th of January 2023 is such a special day for this area of Mijas Pueblo, because after the break caused by the pandemic, one of the most beloved traditions of the locality is being resumed. 

In fact, the president of the association of ‘Mayordomos de San Antón’, Toñi Barranquero, cannot hide her joy for the celebration of a day that is being recovered in all its glory. “We are very excited to celebrate the day of San Antón again, to sound the conch shell again, to bless the animals again, to throw the ‘chinita al santo’ (pebble at the saint) again and to meet together without restrictions of any kind”, she said, recalling that the association keeps alive this centenary gathering that arouses much interest and affection among neighbours and outsiders.

 The day will begin, as it has done every year, with the classic call of the conch shell, at approximately 10:00 am. Later, at 12:00 noon, a mass will be held in the chapel of San Antón, after which the animals will be blessed. The events will continue with dances with typical songs for the festivity and a lunch of ‘callos de San Antón’, (tripe) which will be complemented with pinchitos, planchitas and other recipes. 

To round off the event, there will be a raffle to win a leg of ham. “Before, animals such as pigs, chickens, rabbits... and in recent years a cockerel were raffled off, but for 2023 we have decided to raffle a leg of ham among those attending”.

In addition to all this, Barranquero recalls that they continue with the tradition of throwing “a tiny ‘chinita’ (pebble) at the saint on the façade of the church” with the aim of “finding a partner”. It is not just a superstition because “there have been several cases of people who have hit the mark, have managed to find a partner and have even married”, Barranquero assured.

This is a new opportunity, therefore, to find that special person that many are hoping to meet.

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