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Martes 28/03/2023


Extension of the Coastal Path is offered for tender for 4.8 million euros

Panoramic view of the coast from the Peñón del Cura beach |

The councillors for Infrastructures & Works and Contracting, José Carlos Martín and Roy Pérez, at a press conference |

The section that will link the path from La Cala to Fuengirola is divided into three phases, two of which are being offered for tender

The first deputy mayor and councillor for Infrastructure and Works, José Carlos Martín (Cs), and the councillor for Contracting, Roy Pérez (PSOE), announced on Wednesday morning that two sections of the extension of the coastal path from La Cala to Fuengirola have been put out to tender for a total of 4.8 million euros. The project that will link the entire coast of Mijas is divided into three phases, with two of them going out to public tender this time with a total length of 3 kilometres, leaving the third and final phase for a later action due to the complexity of the remaining 2.3 kilometres.

“Until the 9th of January 2023, all companies interested in carrying out this important project for the municipality can submit their bids on the State Contracting Platform”, says Pérez, who adds that “it was already put out to public tender a few months ago but was not awarded due to the increase in the price of wood as a result of the war in Ukraine, so the Town Hall has had to update the prices to put it out to tender again, increasing the starting price by 500,000 euros”.

The work is estimated to take six months to complete and will cover a total of 3 kilometres. In this way, the third phase of the coastal path is extended up to the neighbouring municipality of Fuengirola along this 3 kilometre route which is divided into two sections, the first of about 700 metres corresponding to the boundary of La Cala up to approximately the area of the El Sheriff beach bar and a second section between the boundary of Fuengirola up to the lighthouse of about 2,300 metres. “The intermediate section, the most complicated, will be undertaken at a later stage, as it is bordered by many houses that have been occupying the public land area for years. This section, 2,377 metres long, is located between the El Sheriff beach bar and El Faro and is a difficult project due to the lack of space and the proximity to the motorway. It is a more complicated route because there are many rocks and a shorter distance to the shore, which complicates its execution”, says Martín.


“This is an important project that will add yet another attraction to the town”

Both the councillor for Infrastructures and Works, José Carlos Martín, and the councillor for Contracting, Roy Pérez, announced on Wednesday 20th the tendering of two of the sections that will link La Cala and Fuengirola via the Coastal Path.

“We are facing a major project that provides a new tourist attraction to the town, finally linking the entire coastline through this path, which also promotes contact with nature in general and the sea in particular, allowing outdoor sports, as well as giving rise to a pleasant walk along the coast of Mijas,” said Martin. Both councillors thanked the work of the technical team, as this is a very complex project of great magnitude which has required up to three favourable reports from different administrations, such as Environment, Roads and Coasts, to which must be added the complexity of the terrain.

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