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Viernes 03/02/2023


The Cavalry Group of the Guardia Civil has patrolled the streets of Mijas

  • The unit belongs to the School of Young Guards, based in the town of Valdemoro (Madrid)
  • The patrol, on Friday morning, at the Torreón de La Cala |

This group is made up by 150 agents who watch over public safety

Citizens in Mijas will have seen, these past days, a group from the School of Young Civil Guard from the cavalry unit, located in the Madrid town of Valdemoro.

This unusual patrol was seen riding through different points of the municipality. They arrived in Mijas to collaborate with security controls. "This is one of the few patrols that instead of two, has four members per unit, with two agents and their two partners. It is not the same to finish a service, change clothes and go home; they also have to worry about their companions and ensure that they are well and as comfortable as possible", explained Bernardo Moltó, Head of Communications of the Guardia Civil Command in Malaga.

  • The units have covered a large part of the municipality |

The group is made up of 150 agents who watch over public safety. From Valdemoro (Madrid), they travel all over Spain to places that need their service due to large crowds and to those locations where it is difficult to access with a motor vehicle. They can also be seen operating in the control of large-scale demonstrations and in protocol acts, "above all, at locations along the coast to ensure safer tourism", added Moltó. 

  • The group walked along the area of the Promenade in La Cala |

The working life of these horses is around 20 years and then they go on to form part of associations that provide therapy with them and to riding schools. Mijas thanked the cavalry unit for the visit these days and for guarding and embellishing our surroundings.

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