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Holidays in Peace, thanks to Friends of the Sahrawi People and Idiliq Foundation

  • This project allows Aya, a young Sahrawi girl, to spend the summer in Mijas with a host family
  • The young Aya with Mari Carmen Cortés, the Mayor Josele González, the President of the Idiliq Foundation, Juan Miguel Cortés, and the Councillor Laura Moreno |

Thousands of refugees live in five camps in the middle of the desert

The Mijas Association of Friends of the Saharawi People presents one of the girls living in Aaiun awaiting a political decision. She will spend the summer with her host family thanks to the Idiliq Foundation. Last Thursday, 11th August, she was received at the Mijas Town Hall by the Mayor of the town, Josele González (PSOE). “We managed to ensure that during the time she is with us, she momentarily forgets about the situation that some 200,000 refugees are still living, thousands of children who have not been able to leave this summer as they do not have a host family. That is why I want to thank the Association and the Foundation that has financed the flight”, explained the Mijas Councillor.

Her name is Aya, and she is one of the thousands of children affected by the situation between Spain and Morocco, unable to find a solution for the Saharawi people. Aya lives in Aaiun, one of the refugee camps in the province of Tindouf.
Every year, the Mijas Association, through its project ‘Holidays in Peace’, organises the stay of these children with families in the city. “I am here to thank the foundation, which like every year, supports our cause, in this case, by paying for Aya’s ticket. This year, she is the only one who has been able to come because the families have not been able”, said Mari Carmen Cortés, President of the Association.

The Idiliq Foundation aims to offer support to groups and individuals on the Costa del Sol and Tenerife and is committed to solidarity. The President of the Foundation, Juan Miguel Marcos, stated that the group has been “collaborating with the Saharawi people, for a few years now, with different initiatives like sending them food. The one we are most excited about is this one, helping the Saharawi children to come to Mijas to spend a good summer and make their situation widely known. The fact that Aya is here is a source of satisfaction”.
Carmen Cortés, for her part, wanted to make it clear that ‘Proyecto Vacaciones en Paz’ “is not an act of charity”. The collective’s President assured us that “we have left them in the worst of futures”: for 40 years, thousands of refugees have been living in camps in the desert.

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