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Pets weighing up to 6 kilos can now board the bus in a pet carrier

  • From today, they will be able to accompany their owners in a carrier in the municipality buses
  • Pets must be in a carrier and weigh a maximum of 6 kilos.

The Transport and Mobility Department has negotiated this measure with the Transport Consortium to satisfy a demand that users wanted to be met

From today, Xoana can now take her dog Lulú on all the Malaga Metropolitan Transport Consortium bus lines in Mijas. They are lines M-222, M-223, M-119, and M-156. Until now, it was not allowed. "I am relieved as I don't like to leave my dog all day home alone when I have to go out to a friend's house, who also has dogs with whom Lulu plays. She is part of the family", says Xoana Vermeulen, a public transport user who considers this measure a success.

Vermeulen is grateful to the Town Hall for the steps taken to ensure the Transport Consortium adopts this measure. She has been demanding it since she arrived in Mijas a few months ago: "I came to Mijas in September, and at first Lulu used to travel with me until suddenly, a driver told me that she wouldn't get on. I made a complaint to the Consortium and the Town Hall. They told me that they would let me know, and they did.

The Councillor for Transport and Mobility, Nicolás Cruz, with Xoana Vermeulen. Jacobo Perea.

In this sense, the Transport and Mobility Councillor, Nicolás Cruz (PSOE), declared that "it is a concern that we have seen, above all, in scattered and rural areas. We understand to be more than coherent, much more in the current context after the approval by the Government of the new Law on Pets".


Up to 6 kilos and with a carrier

However, pet owners will be able to use public transport as long as they are in a carrier, and do not weigh more than 6 kilos. "In general, the Consortium of the province of Malaga does not allow this type of bus service, and due to the concern expressed by some users with pets, we have agreed with them to allow it on the Mijas lines," said Cruz.

The Councillor points out that Mijas is the first municipality with the Transport Consortium agreement on pets. "We are a civic municipality, which takes care of our pets, and allows them to accompany their owners for any journey within the municipality," concluded Cruz.

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