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The project to build the new school in La Cala is awarded for almost 340,000 euros

  • The budget for this centre, which will have three lines of nursery and primary education, is 5.7 million euros
  • Recreation of what the new school will look like |

The building, which will be built on a plot of land handed over by the Town Hall, will have the capacity to accommodate 675 students

Mijas is closer to having a new educational infrastructure in La Cala, where there is a significant demand for school places. The Mayor of the city, Josele González (PSOE), and the Councillor for Education, Mariló Olmedo (Cs), announced this morning, that the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, through the Andalusian Public Agency for Education, has awarded the drafting of the project to build the new school which is planned on land handed over by the Town Council. "The Mijas Town Hall has been working for many years to provide our municipality with the necessary educational infrastructure," said this morning the Mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), who recalled that during the laying of the foundation stone of the new secondary school being built in Las Lagunas, it became clear "the need and the pressure of school enrolment that we had in the area of La Cala de Mijas". "With the transfer of land, the first necessary step was taken to reach this point, which is what has been announced today; the truth is that we are very happy with it," said the Councillor.

For the Councillor for Education, Mariló Olmedo (Cs), this school "is a demand" and "much needed". "We have to remember that in La Cala, since 2009, they installed prefabricated classrooms because there were no more school places and all the common areas of all schools were used, too. Simply, they are crowded. Some do not have libraries in good condition because they have been putting children in without providing a solution to a problem that had schooling. Since then until now, it has been requested a lot," added the Councillor, who has already forwarded the news to the educational community, which, she said, "is happy". The Councillor recalled that in the CEIP Botanical Garden the project was awarded and "soon the work will be done to remove those prefabricated classrooms that were put in 2009" and applauded the award of the drafting of the project for the new school in La Cala. In addition, he praised the competence of the Council in the transfer of land to enable educational projects like this.

  • The Mayor and the Councillor for Education assess the awarding of the project |

Awarded the contract
Juan José Domínguez Albarracín is the architect who has been awarded the contract for 336,367.90 euros. He has also been entrusted with the health and safety study, the site management and the execution of the work, as well as the health and safety coordination for the construction of the school for this amount.

The new Infant and Primary Education Centre (CEIP) in La Cala will be C3 type; that is to say, it will have three lines of infant and primary education and capacity for 675 school places. "The new school will alleviate the pressure of schooling that we had in that area. So, we are very satisfied with the work we are doing on the part of the local administration, always in collaboration with the regional administration and reaching out to them," added the Councillor, who believes that with the various administrative procedures and deadlines, the construction of the school could begin as early as next year.
In La Cala, there is a great demand for school places.

  • In La Cala, there is a great demand for school places |

A budget of almost 5.8 million euros (5,795,579.92 euros) has been programmed for the construction of the building, which is included in the Education Infrastructure Plan of the Regional Ministry of Education and Sport.

The layout of the centre
The new centre will have a total of 4,110 square metres of floor space. It will house the teaching area, the administration area and the common and complimentary services.

The nursery teaching area will have nine multi-purpose classrooms with a capacity for 225 pupils and their corresponding toilets and outdoor classrooms. In addition, there will be a common area for this educational level. In the primary area, there will be 18 multi-purpose classrooms for 450 places, six small-group classrooms, a music workshop and a special education classroom with a toilet adapted for pupils with special needs.

The administration area will house the management and head of studies offices, the teachers' lounge and toilets, the caretaker's office and reprographics, the secretary's office and archive, as well as the room for the students' parents' association and the students themselves.

In the common teaching area, there will be a multi-purpose room, a library, a space for resources, a gymnasium with changing rooms and toilets. As complementary services, the centre will have a dining room and a multi-purpose kitchen, which will be adapted both for the supply of menus by means of the transported food system and for on-site preparation. The general store, a nucleus of toilets and changing rooms for the students, as well as the rooms for installations, cleaning and rubbish, will constitute the common services.

Outside, there will be a covered porch, playgrounds for infants and primary school children, two multi-sports courts, a garden area, a parking area for vehicles and a vegetable garden. In addition, more than 1,200 square metres will be reserved for future extensions.

Another important feature of the centre is that the new CEIP of La Cala de Mijas will have photovoltaic solar panels for the production of electricity, as the aim is to achieve more sustainable educational buildings and reduce energy costs. It will also have a natural ventilation system to guarantee indoor air quality.


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