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Consumers are advised to buy with common sense and to be aware of the returns policy

  • As of January 1st, the warranty on durable goods has been extended from two to three years
  • From January 1st, the guarantee on durable goods has been extended from two to three years |

The Consumer Office of Mijas also acts during the sales as an intermediary when a complaint form is filed and the business does not answer

Buy with common sense. That is the main advice for this winter sales; the first of 2022. "I go to the sales when I need something or I have seen something in a certain establishment and I am going to wait for the sales to come and see how much the price drops", argues the Councillor for Consumer Affairs in Mijas Town Hall, María del Carmen González (Cs), who warns that the products that are now on sale have been a month in the same establishment at least.

The Councillor also asks for special attention to be paid to the tags: "The previous price and the discounted price or the percentage that is discounted must appear", she points out. It is also very important, she says, to be alert to product returns and to know the shop's policy on this matter before buying: "Shops are not obliged to give us a return unless the product is faulty. If they do it, it is because they want to, let's say, it is something they offer to the consumer," González points out. These rules change in online commerce, where the Councillor explains that there are 14 days to return the product without any kind of justification.

  • The Councillor for Consumer Affairs of Mijas Town Hall, Mari Carmen González |

Caution with cards

The Councillor explains that "often the policies governing this type of card, whereby payment is postponed, have conditions which leave a lot to be desired and which are unknown when the card is purchased".

Another relevant aspect is the guarantee that some products have, which must be maintained during sales, and which since 2022 has been three years instead of two. This extended warranty applies to durable goods such as household appliances, televisions, and vehicles.

If despite this advice, problems arise, the citizen can go to the Consumer Office of Mijas, located in the building of Sanidad y Consumo ( La Cala Square in Las Lagunas). There, they act as intermediaries if a complaint form has been submitted to an establishment and the establishment has not replied within 10 days. They also give information and advice to consumers, specifies the Councillor, who explains that since 2012 there is no official date for the start of the sales, but that each shop decides when to start them.

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