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Jueves 20/01/2022


Ensberg values the state-subsidised school places at the Infant School in Mijas

  • Now, this Mijas school centre can access grants from the regional government
  • The Councillor for Infant Schools, Verónica Ensberg, visited the centre this morning |

The Councillor for Infant Schools claims that by the approval of these state-subsidised school places, for the next year, authorities are meeting a demand

According to the Town Council, “it is a good day for families in Mijas Pueblo” after the approval at the last plenary session, and the collaboration agreement between the Andalusian Public Agency for Education and the Infant School in Mijas Pueblo, for the school centre to access the family aid program, offering state-subsidised school places for the next school year. 

Last Thursday, we visited the school centre where children were celebrating a New Year’s Eve party. Verónica Ensberg (PSOE), Councillor for Infant Schools, mentioned that there were two reasons for their happiness. “It is now a reality; families in Mijas Pueblo will have the same benefits as the rest of families in the municipality. The project was approved back in September and confirmed on November, 35 state-subsidised places will be available for families, just as it is the case in other infant schools, so, as it has been pointed out by the Junta de Andalucía – Andalusian Government – school places can be requested next April, as well as grants for the next school year, starting in September”, highlighted the Councillor. 

Right now, the centre is covering just 10 state-subsidised school places, but they are convinced that thanks to this new agreement of collaboration and the extended opening times and services, all school places will be covered as, “starting in the next school year, families will have access to morning classroom and dining services, as well as extended hours, just as in any other infant school that has joined this agreement, up until 5 pm and, maybe, if there is enough demand, a “ludoteca”, or play centre, where children will be able to stay after that time”, added Ensberg. 

The Councillor also explained that to approve this agreement, “the installations had to be adapted to meet the current regulations of the Andalusian Department for Education, including the renewal of all the flooring, windows, bathrooms and the adaptation of the playground. Even though this infant school will now adhere to the Andalusian Education Plan, getting all its benefits, it will still give that special service to the children and their families. Besides, it is a small school centre which has been refurbished, faces the sun, is beautiful and it is placed in a privileged area”. 

These state-subsidised infant school places were a historic demand, for more than 30 years, and now, finally, as Ensberg highlights, “after two years of hard work, it is now a reality”. 

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