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La Zambra Hotel will be hiring professionals from Mijas as their staff

  • The selection process for the 200 jobs offered by the hotel, which will open at the beginning of June, will begin in January
  • Mijas Town Hall signing with La Zambra Hotel for hiring process.

The Town Hall and the hotel establishment (former Byblos) sign an agreement to guarantee employability in the municipality

The Mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), and the general manager of the hotel La Zambra (former Byblos), Josephus Petrus Kruissen, have signed this Monday an agreement, they say, "important to boost employability in the municipality". Their signatures come to ensure that many of the 200 jobs to be created by the hotel establishment will be for the Mijeños.

"We will be very fortunate that the selection of staff will be made in the facilities of the Employment Promotion Building thanks to this agreement signed today, which also guarantees that at least 50% of the staff will be Mijeños; although I am convinced that even more because we are fortunate to have great professionals in the municipality, some unemployed and others working in other sectors, but I am positive that they will want to work in this fabulous hotel," said the Mayor, who added that "I already know that some former workers of Byblos are also interested in these jobs.

The Councillor stressed out that "Mijas has an enormous tourist potential and this, as the third-largest city in the province of Malaga, means that large investors want to invest in the Mijas brand. We will continue to bet on attracting these investments because, as we ratify today with this signature, it ends up getting Mijeños to get jobs and that for us is the most important thing".

  • The Mayor of Mijas, Josele González, and the general manager of the hotel La Zambra, Josephus Petrus Kruissen, are signing the agreement.

For his part, Kruissen said that La Zambra "is going to make this commitment because it is going to be a Mijas hotel, so we want to have the talent from here, from the area, which is why we are looking for many jobs to create this great project".

The company in charge of carrying out the hiring will be Este Castillo Operations SLU, which has committed to the Mijas Town Hall to use the Employment Promotion Department to search for and select the staff required for the hotel, a process that will begin in January. A wide variety of profiles are being sought. "Right now we are looking for a front office manager and a reception manager; we need housekeepers, public relations staff, maintenance staff, floor waiters and a food and beverage manager," said Kruissen.


Selection Process

And where should you send the CVs? The Department of Employment Promotion, which has been working on this with the hotel management for some time, has set up this e-mail address: lazambra@mijas.es. "Those interested can send their CVs there, so that the Employment Promotion team can make the first screening so that, subsequently, the hotel La Zambra can carry out the selection process to incorporate people in June'', said the Councillor for Employment at Mijas Town Hall, Laura Moreno (PSOE), She assured that "Mijas has the professional profiles that the hotel is looking for thanks to the different training programmes that have been developed by the area of Development", and that they are working to secure as many jobs as possible among the unemployed in the municipality. "I think we can reach 100%, so we are going to get down to work," said the Councillor.

  • The Mayor of Mijas, Josele González, Josephus Petrus, Hotel La Zambra, the Councillor for Development, Laura Moreno, and the HR director, Toni Contreras.

Work Progresses

As for the other works, the general manager of La Zambra pointed out that they are progressing according to plan so that the hotel will open its doors at the beginning of June, recovering the luxury tourism that has always characterised this emblematic establishment on the Costa del Sol. "Right now, we are reaching the halfway point of the work, which means that we have seven months left to make the hotel beautiful and make it, once again, a five-star luxury hotel," concluded Kruissen.

With a total of 196 rooms, nearly 2,000 square metres of spa, the complex will have five restaurants, three swimming pools, two tennis courts and two paddle tennis courts, among other services.

The Hotel will take centre stage at Fitur

The councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), met on Thursday 25th with the director of La Zambra Hotel, Josephus Petrus Kruissen, to draw up a joint promotion strategy to strengthen the municipality as a benchmark for quality tourism and golf ahead of the International Tourism Fair in Madrid. “The revival of its facilities for the next high season is an added value to boost quality tourism and golf in the municipality,” said Martin, who added that “Fitur is a global showcase and bringing this 5*GL accommodation by the hand serves to reinforce the excellence of the destination. “This emblem of the town will attract visitors who will generate wealth, but not only that, about 200 jobs will be created, so we have signed an agreement to give priority to Mijas residents, guaranteeing at least 50% of the jobs,” said the mayor.

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