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Full refurbishment project for three more streets out to tender for nearly 1.5 million €

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Benaladid street |

Río Tinto street |

Bobadilla street |

Councillors Roy Pérez and José Carlos Martín (left) in a press conference, announcing the refurbishing project for several streets in Mijas |

Works are scheduled to start at the beginning of 2022

After announcing last week that the full refurbishment project for Rio Guadalete, Madreselva and Buganvilla streets in Las Lagunas, for a total of 1.017.658 euros, and for Nerja and Casarabonela streets in La Cala for 347.000 euros, will be put out to tender, and as we have already announced, the Mijas Local Council has reported that full refurbishment works will also be carried out in four more streets of Mijas: Rio Tinto, Bobadilla, Almáchar and Benadalid streets, a project that will be put out to tender for 1.499.000 euros. As a whole, the Town Hall of Mijas aims to invest over 2.8 million euros in these remodelling projects, to be carried out in these nine streets. Plans are for these works to be started at the beginning of next year, once all projects are awarded.

Bobadilla and Almáchar streets

Regarding the works recently announced, Mijas has already been granted with the corresponding administrative authorisation from Demarcación de Carreteras, Provincial Roads Department, to carry out works in the access road from the A-7 motorway to Bobadilla and Almáchar streets, located next to the Health Centre in Las Lagunas. These works, which have already been put out to tender, will improve traffic flow in this area. The Councillor for Works and Infrastructures, José Carlos Martín (Cs) explained that “the main objective of this project is to avoid traffic congestion in these two streets, affecting the normal traffic flow”. Moreover, Martín highlighted that the Town Hall has been working on this project for the last three years “because works include constructing two lanes coming from the motorway, one towards the Avenida de Mijas and the other one towards the roundabout next to Ford car dealers, for which permission from the Roads Provincial Department was needed”.. The project has a budget of 600.000 euros, according to Roy Pérez (PSOE), Councillor for Purchases and Service Contracting, who also mentioned that the tender will be published on the State Contracting Platform until December 7th. “We invite all companies interested in taking care of this project to put in a tender for the contract. Once works are awarded, they will start at the beginning of 2022, with four months to be completed”.

Benadalid Street

Companies can put in a tender  to execute full refurbishing works in this street of La Cala, until the 30th of November. “New and separate rain water collection and sewage pipes will be installed in order to improve the drainage system, as well as a new public lighting installation, water supplies and watering system, as trees will also be planted”, according to the Councillor for Works.   The tender documents for this project, which budgeted cost is 537.000 euros, are published in the Contracting Platform. “Execution time for this project has been set for 120 days. It is an important amount, and it will create employment, not just in La Cala, but also in the rest of the municipality”, explained Pérez. Remodelling works are scheduled to start at the beginning of 2022.

Río Tinto street

If everything goes as planned, the Town Hall will fully refurbish the Rio Tinto street in Las Lagunas next year, a road that links the Camino Viejo de Coin road with Barrio Doña Ermita neighbourhood. This project will be carried out in three months and, among other improvements, will solve the flooding problems this area suffers. As in the case of all the other streets, Rio Tinto will see all its public infrastructures completely renewed. According to the Councillor for Works and Infrastructures “with these works we are also trying to homogenise the aesthetic of the municipality, using a similar design for all the different areas. And, most importantly, eliminate any architectural barrier, a project in which we have been working for the past few years”. The Mijas Local Council has already put this project out to tender and companies can bid for the project until November 29th. This project has an initial cost of 362.000 euros and an execution time of 90 days. Representatives from the Mijas Town Hall confirm that this type of tenders – public works – generate a great interest among construction companies, not just in our area, but in many other parts of the country. An average of ten companies put in a tender for this type of projects.  

More improvements

The full refurbishment project for Rio Guadalete, Madreselva and Buganvilla streets in Las Lagunas will hopefully be started at the beginning of next year, once works are awarded, with a budget of 1.017.658 euros. Construction companies interested in handing in their offers have until the 23rd of November to do so. Once works are started, execution time will be eight months. If everything goes as planned, works could be started at the beginning of 2022. Finally, Nerja and Casarabonela streets in La Cala will soon change completely, both in the inside and in the outside, as they will be fully refurbished too.  The Town Hall has put these works out to tender for a total of 347.000 euros. Companies interested in participating in the tender process can hand in their offers until the 23rd of November. These works have an execution period of four months and should start at the beginning of 2022, coinciding with the completion of works in Calle Marbella.

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