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Mijas chooses the joint brand with which to promote its golf courses

  • It is the first municipality in Andalusia to have its own particular hallmark among its courses
  • Councillors José Carlos Martín (3rd left) and Andrés Ruiz (1st right) met with those responsible for the Mijas golf courses

Another project that was put on the table in the meeting is the launch of the Municipal Golf School

The councillors for Tourism and Sports of the Mijas Town Hall, José Carlos Martín (Cs) and Andrés Ruiz (Cs), respectively, and those responsible for the golf courses of the municipality, held on Tuesday 28th a working meeting in which they addressed various issues.

“In this meeting we are going to finish our new brand that will identify the golf courses in Mijas and we will talk about tourism issues in which we can have a public-private collaboration”, said Martín. Therefore, in this work meeting, the brand that will identify the city’s golf sector was chosen, thus becoming the first municipal ‘branding’ in Andalusia that encompasses all the businesses in this area in the same town. “There are brands of specific golf courses or of several cities that come together to create a joint one, but we are the first municipality to do it individually and that is because we have a very important potential to develop. We have 12 golf courses that are our best allies to put an end to tourist seasonality and become the star destination for this sport at an international level”, assured Martín, who highlighted that “in this way the public-private collaboration that is being carried out is essential”. The joint brand is included in the Marketing Plan for Golf in Mijas, designed by the University of Malaga  (UMA) and developed by the Department for Tourism of the Mijas Town Hall.

“In the last meeting we showed the attendees (those responsible for the sector) the three proposals that we had for the name and motto for the brand that the Mijas offer will cover. Once the options have been studied, we now have that hallmark that differentiates us from the rest of the destinations associated with this sport”, said the councillor in charge. The new brand and slogan of the golf sector in Mijas will be announced on October 15th as a prelude to the municipalities participation in the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM), which this year will be held from October 18th to 21st in the United Kingdom.

“We will go with all our offers to this fair, where we have no doubts about our objective and the audience we are addressing. Today we have discussed actions that we can carry out that can help us capture the attention of tour operators and potential tourists. This alliance between the local administration and the golf courses is essential because that way, in addition, they convey to us, apart from their knowledge, their needs”, added Martín.

Municipal Golf School

Another project that was put on the table in the meeting, and that requires collaboration between the administration and the companies, is the launch of the Municipal Golf School. “The Local Council does not have the possibility of having its own facility, and therefore we want to start a municipal sports school with the golf courses”, Ruiz said, going on to add that “there is demand”: “We see that the young promises, the little ones, also demand, through their parents, this type of sports and we have to take advantage of the 12 golf courses that we have in our municipality precisely to strengthen our school”. The councillor, who also considered that this collaboration is a good symbiosis to promote golf, added that “right now” they are working “on the administrative procedures to be able to collaborate or contract these services through the golf courses”. “Once it is launched we will be able to provide dates, but we want to do it as soon as possible, between now and next year”, assured Ruiz.

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