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New children’s area opens to the public in the El Esparragal Park

  • These new infant leisure facilities are fenced-in, include a 20-metre zip line, swings and multi-game areas
  • View of the kids park

The new children’s play area of ​​the El Esparragal park is now a reality and on the 28th it was opened to the public

After the works carried out during the summer, the new children’s play area of ​​the El Esparragal park is now a reality and on the 28th it was opened to the public. The new area is located on one side of the park, expanding the  recreational offer, and is fenced-in to guarantee the safety of users. It has various recreational elements, but, without a doubt, the most attractive one is a 20-metre-long zip line, which can be used both by children and adults, since it supports up to 137 kilos.

The mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), and the Councillor for Parks and Gardens of the Mijas Town Hall, Laura Moreno (PSOE), visited the facilities to see the result of the works. “From this council, the intention is none other than that the little ones can have fun in all the leisure environments that we have, that the parks are safe and, therefore, they are built in accordance with the regulations and with all the relevant security measures to ensure that our children do not get hurt; and I believe that this new zip line will not be used just by the little ones but by families as a whole”, said the councillor.

Game elements

The new recreation area also has two swings and a multi-game facility, and is perfectly integrated within this peri-urban natural space, “since we have used noble materials so that there are no strong visual impacts, because we are in a natural environment near the river, with many trees, so we wanted this area to look natural, and not lose the feeling that we are in the countryside, outdoors, but, of course, with a very fun leisure alternative for the boys and girls of our municipality”, pointed out Moreno.

From the government team, they raised this project, highlighted the mayor, to “take advantage of this space, which until now was not being used”.

In this way, coming to the el Esparragal park, and even more from October the 15th, which is when the barbecues are allowed  to be used again, has become a perfect and fun plan for the weekend.

“They no longer have an excuse to not come to enjoy el Esparragal; we are making a great effort so that this park is in very good condition and continues to be a benchmark for weekend leisure in all the surrounding municipalities because, luckily, there are many who come from other places to visit us”, added the mayor.

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