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Lunes 06/12/2021


A new step has been taken to finalize the bankruptcy status of the Mijas Racecourse

  • An agreement with the insolvency administration of ‘Recursos Turísticos’ will allow progress
  • Façade of the Costa del Sol Hippodrome

The government team took another step on Thursday 30th to finalize the situation of bankruptcy of the Hippodrome

The government team took another step on Thursday 30th to finalize the situation of bankruptcy of the Hippodrome, liquidate the company ‘Recursos Turísticos de Mijas’ and for the plot to be definitively owned by the municipality.

As explained by the councillor for Town Planning, Andrés Ruiz (Cs), an agreement has been reached with the bankruptcy administration that manages the situation of the ‘Recursos Turisticos de Mijas’ society, in regard to the compensation that the Town Hall must pay this company for the buildings that have been erected on the plot of the racecourse, which covers a larger area than the equestrian enclosure itself. The value of this compensation amounts to 6.7 million euros in favour of ‘Recursos Turísticos’ and, if accepted, would mean the interruption of the administrative dispute that, in its day, the bankruptcy administration filed on this same matter, thus recognizing that the land belongs to the Town Hall.

“The proposal is to put an end to the contentious-administrative appeal that is open, which will make possible the solvency in the bankruptcy, to leave the situation of bankruptcy and, obviously, avoid the public auction of a property of public domain such as this equipment, classified as sports areas”, Ruiz pointed out.

The report was presented in plenary session on Thursday, as there were discrepancies on the part of the auditor “although it does have the approval of the Legal Department”, clarified the councillor for Economy and Finance, Roy Pérez (PSOE).

Once approved in plenary session, the proposal will be sent to the Advisory Council, which must issue its opinion within 30 business days. If it is favourable, according to Pérez, it will return to the Local Government Board for approval and, subsequently, “it will go to the Contentious-Administrative Court, which will have to approve it, and from there to the Commercial Court, which will do the same, so we will have a legal guarantee through three filters that can reassure the councillors who today vote in favour of this item”.

Mayor, Josele González (PSOE), also agreed on this aspect, and recalled: “the Local Council has been working on this issue for five years” and among the progress made, the Town Hall “already owns one hundred percent of the shares of ‘Recursos Turísticos de Mijas’”.

Corporation votes

The item had the votes in favour of the government team, the abstention of the PP and the non-attached councillor, Carlos Rivero, and the vote against of the non-attached councillor, Esperanza Jiménez. For his part, the spokesperson for the Municipal Partido Popular Group, Ángel Nozal, took advantage of the turn for Any Other Business to ask for more vigilance in the facilities of the  racetrack.

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