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First phase to double Camino de Campanales is offered for public tender

  • The works have a budget of 2.7 million, including a roundabout at the height of Venta La Morena and the improvement of the road up to Doronja street
  • Roy Pérez, José Carlos Martín, Josele González and Andrés Ruiz |

The works include an important hydraulic project to avoid floods

The Mijas Town Hall announced on Thursday 23rd the offer for tender for the amount of 2,696,206.45 million euros, taxes included, of the first phase of the doubling of Camino de Campanales. This was announced by the mayor, Josele González (PSOE); the councillor for Works and Infrastructures, José Carlos Martín (Cs); the councillor for Purchasing and Contracting, Roy Pérez (PSOE), and the person in charge of Urban Planning, Andrés Ruiz (Cs). “We understood that it was a priority to promote the tender for the construction of the future roundabout that we are going to build at Venta La Morena and which, in addition, will expand and improve the accesses to Camino de Campanales in this first phase to Doronja street”, advanced the councillor, who recalled “the firm intention” of the local council “to continue improving the accesses and infrastructures related to the main expansion area of ​​Las Lagunas”. In this regard, he recalled the opening to traffic on July 29th of the new road that connects the avenues Miguel Hernández and AMPA Las Caracolas with Camino de Coín and “which has meant a ‘before and after’ in one of the main access roads from the north of Las Lagunas”.

The mayor (2nd left), with councillors for Contracting | (1st left), Town Planning (2nd right) and Infrastructures & Works (1st right)

Deadlines The councillor for Works and Infrastructures clarified that the works were offered for tender on Wednesday 22nd, being published in the Contractor’s Profile of the Public Sector Contracting Platform after they already went out to tender in 2018 and the winning company resigned, so “it was deserted”. “We had to wait to be able to execute the AMPA Las Caracolas road to be able to carry out this action because we have to regulate traffic and we had to leave a road open”, stated Martín to explain the action. Therefore, he said that the work will be divided into two parts: the “doubling and conditioning of a section of the Campanales Road up to the talc factory” and the hydraulic works; the latter, “of great importance”, since they will help to solve the problems of flooding. In this regard, he recalled those that occurred in 2016 when “one of the black spots was this roundabout and the passage across the stream” and added that the “roundabout at the height of Venta La Morena will connect with the Great Park”. For his part, the councillor for Purchases and Contracts from the Mijas Town Hall invited companies, “especially the ones based in Mijas”, to submit their offers “to carry out the execution of these works; They have a deadline to submit offers until October 18th at seven in the afternoon”. “It was a commitment of this government team to improve the road linking Camino de Campanales with the connection to Camino Viejo de Coín”, added councillor Pérez, who clarified that the investment will be of 2.2 million euros without taxes and that the works are offered for tender with a term of execution of six months. “At the beginning of next year we want to start the work and, if everything goes very well, by the end of next year or the beginning of the next year we will have finished this road and the roundabout, with the hydraulic work that will solve the problem of flooding that we suffered at this point whenever the river overflowed”, clarified the councillor for Works and Town Planning in Mijas.

Camino de Campanales and Venta La Morena

Security The councillor also pointed out that the works will allow “increased security” and access will be improved from all points, including “the part that connects with the area of ​​the Fuengirola River stream”. “I think there are many residents who pass through Camino de Coín every day and precisely at the intersection of Venta La Morena, they will have seen or even suffered themselves the odd accident and, therefore, it was precisely of absolute priority to undertake this important and ambitious work that we are going to have ahead of us”, stressed González, who highlighted the economic provision for the project, “which has been a challenge from an Town Planning point of view because many expropriation files, negotiations and, above all, meetings with the owners have had to be carried out, in which, in all cases, they have come to fruition”.

Expropriations “In order to obtain the land we needed to carry out the works, we have had to carry out a joint appraisal project, which has meant expropriating those areas that are affected by the improvement works on the road and all the land where the roundabout will be built”, explained the Town Planning councillor, to add that the project was defined in October of the year 2020 when it was established that the investment in obtaining the 11,800 square metres of surface of the 26 properties that are affected by these works is 456,000 euros. “Some are affected more than others, but, due to the linear project that it entails, we mainly affect the enclosures and entrance gates, which are planned to be replaced in the work project, but all this is compensated to the owners”, Ruiz explained. “We already held a first meeting, in which allegations have been made by them to the valuations and we have practically already estimated most of the allegations that the owners have presented to reach a consensus, which is what the administration wants with all the affected owners”. Ruiz added that the land to be expropriated for the roundabout and those affected owners who have agricultural plots have also been valued. “Every effort has been made by the Administration so that no one is left unprotected regarding the valuations of their properties”, said Ruiz. “The only thing that remains is to approve, in a few days, the evaluations and the allegations will then be resolved and we will transfer it to the neighbours to sign the occupation acts and dispose of the land”, concluded the councillor. In this regard, the mayor wanted to emphasize that this work has been done from the Heritage, Town Planning Departments and from the Infrastructures Council, “where this project and the execution of works that will mark a before and after with these connections was came out of”. It is a first phase of a total of three that the final project will feature.

Camino de Campanales, at the height of calle Doronj |a


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