Weather in Mijas

Jueves 20/01/2022


The artisan market in La Cala is a safe and ‘cool’ option to shop

  • This market continues to be set up in the open air and by the sea, every evening
  • Until the end of September, you can enjoy the market in La Cala de Mijas

We can find a wide variety of items made by hand in a sustainable manner on the artisan stalls

Working with Spanish leather, Rosa María Laurella makes bags, purses and necklaces at home. We can buy her creations on the seafront of La Cala, every year, from June to the end of September. Her stall is one of the many to visit every night if we stroll through this artisan market installed on the beachfront, bathed by the sea breeze. We also stop at another stall, that of the clay houses, by artisan Alan González.

At dusk is when we find more public visiting the market, customers, who all assure they are satisfied with their purchases. Fortunately, this summer, most stall owners say that the market is doing very well.

These stalls are open until midnight. We invite you to visit them. You are sure to find something you like or a nice souvenir of your holidays in Mijas.

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