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Arancha López has held meetings at Fitur to shape a pioneering project in Europe

  • López is the councillor for the Environment and Foreigners in Mijas
  • Medio Ambiente ya está trabajando en este proyecto para que pueda ver la luz a finales de este año 2021.

The forest will be located on a plot near the beach of El Charcón

The councillor for the Environment, Arancha López (Cs), and the director of the 'Poetopia, Social Innovation Agency' and intermediary with the national tourist entity, Ángel Arenas, have held a series of meetings within the framework of Fitur 2021 to outline the issues pending for the fine-tuning of this project at the end of this year. "We are in contact with Turespaña Belgium to launch this green space where we will plant one hundred trees, each one of which will narrate the experience of a Belgian tourist in our municipality", said López, adding that "other countries have already shown interest in the Mijas initiative and there are plans on the table by Turespaña Moscow for Tenerife and Turespaña Miami for Alicante”.

In this regard, López announced that "Mijas is going to be a pioneer in nature tourism and sustainable development, at the same time that it is going to show its main attractions, first-hand, to all those who enjoy them, such as visitors".

The forest will be located on a plot near the beach of El Charcón and each tree will be dedicated to one of the activities that can be carried out in the environment and that will be described by real tourists from Belgium who, through a web page, have shared their ideas, suggestions and emotions about the experiences they lived in the area.

“In Mijas, we have brought the proposal we made to Turespaña Belgium who loved the location for having a very active consulate in the area. It is a diplomatic event of the first order because it celebrates one hundred years since the opening of two Embassies and 70 years since the opening of Turespaña Belgium", said Arenas who added that" it seemed appropriate to create this trinomial through our company that has worked in more than 40 countries and bring an initiative of this level to Mijas”.

The Environment Council is presently working on this project so that it can see the light at the end of this year 2021 and for this forest to become, not only a meeting place for Belgian tourists, but also a tourist reference point in the open-air, where visitors can learn in a simple way, through the testimonies of other travellers who have already experienced the enormous and varied offer that the municipality provides.


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