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In spring, Mijas bursts with colour

  • Mijas has a great variety of flowers distributed throughout the different corners of our mountains
  • Flowers in Entrerríos

“Here comes the sun... here comes the sun... and I say... it’s all right...”.

“Here comes the sun... here comes the sun... and I say... it’s all right...”. This is how the mythical song by ‘The Beatles’ begins, which could be understood to be a hymn to celebrate the beginning of spring. The Beatles have not been the only musicians who, throughout history, have dedicated a song to the season that is surely the most awaited by the majority of the population, except for allergy sufferers. Spring officially began last Saturday, March 20th at 10:37 hours and, as the Spanish saying goes, ‘la primavera la sangre altera’ (spring alters the blood), which means that the season when we like to go out more to enjoy nature and socialise has arrived and even our desire to carry out physical activity increases. Mijas is the ideal location for us to enjoy these months in a natural environment.

The ‘Sierra de Mijas’ has a wide range of native species among its flora

Proof of this are the ‘Sierra de Mijas’ and ‘Sierra Alpujata’. Both are fighting to be catalogued as Natural Parks and, as explained by the Environmental Technician Juan Luis Vega, “have countless native species living among the flora and fauna“. Our municipality not only boasts a wide catalogue of unique trees, but we can also find a great variety of native flowers with very diverse characteristics distributed throughout the different corners of our mountains, such as the blue ‘carrasquilla’, the ‘colleja’, the ‘clemente linaria’, and lavender, among others.
These are species that bloom before or during spring and are responsible for bringing a touch of colour to our mountains. To see them, you just need to go a little deeper into any of the seven mountain trails provided in the municipality, where we will find different endemic species.

Mijas trail network
Mijas has a very wide network of trails in its mountains. With a total of seven, each with different lengths and levels, the ‘Sierra de Mijas’ is bursting with the colours of spring along these routes.


The trails are divided according to their level of technical and physical difficulty, ranging from low to very high; depending on the duration of the route, which can take from an hour and a half to five hours. The Mijas Town Hall website (www.mijas.es) provides, within the Environmental Department’s section, a document collecting descriptions of all the routes that can be enjoyed in the municipality (Pico de Mijas, Cruz de the Mission, Las Cañadas, Cantera del Barrio, Malaga Port, Cañada de Gertrudis  and Cañada Fuente de la Alcaldía Routes).

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