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Miércoles 24/07/2024


Safe swimming in summer is everyone's responsibility

Una de las recomendaciones para evitar incidentes durante el baño es respetar las banderas sobre el estado del mar.

El equipo de salvamento y socorrismo presta servicio en las playas de Mijas hasta el 30 de septiembre de manera ininterrumpida.

So far this year, eight people have lost their lives by drowning on beaches and in swimming pools in the province of Malaga

The number of drowning fatalities on beaches and in swimming pools in the province of Malaga has increased compared to last year. So far there have been eight deaths, which is why the lifeguards are appealing to the responsibility of the swimmers.  

First of all, the Mijas lifeguard team asks users to respect the flags indicating the state of the sea, the green flag being the only one that authorises safe swimming. When there is a yellow flag it is important to follow the indications of the lifeguards, because that flag means dangerous areas with rip currents and undertows on our coastline.

The Malaga lifeguard coordinator, Gonzalo Botta, explained that "the belief that the Mediterranean is a very calm sea is not true, as when there is rough weather the Mediterranean is a dangerous sea". In th"there are users who continue swimming, even when the lifeguard service is closed", and added that statistically, "the majority of fatal incidents occur outside the lifeguard service hours".

In addition, extreme caution should be taken when practising water sports such as paddle surfing or windsurfing, among others, because the boards float but are not one hundred percent safe. 

The coordinator also explained that before doing these types of activities "it is important to check the weather forecast, such as the prevailing winds. In the case of the coast of Mijas, the north wind is very dangerous, because it takes users away from the shore and beginners with little experience are unable to come back".

In case of danger, the lifeguard will warn users with gestures, acoustic signals or through the rescue drone, which is operational in the area of El Torreón. As Bota explained, "it has a camera and high view, so it can make visual contact and warn the user”.

Remember that the lifeguards on the Mijas coast have been trained in both water and basic life support and defibrillation. 

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