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The mediaeval atmosphere by candlelight marks the first weekend of July in Mijas

  • Locals and tourists who found in Mijas Pueblo a good atmosphere to spend these first days of July
  • The Mijas auditorium hosted a tribute to Mecano, the carnival show 'La Vuelta del Selu' and the concert by Pasión Vega

Ediles del equipo de gobierno junto a la alcaldes Ana Mata, durante la inauguración del evento.

Actividades y atracciones para los más pequeños en la plaza de la Constitución.

Momento del pasacalles en la plaza de la Constitución.

Ana Mata recorrió los puestos instalados en el mercado artesanal, en La Muralla.

The programme 'Mijas with soul' moved to the surroundings of the Plaza de la Constitución and La Muralla, with more than 15,000 candles lit and a craft market

The candlelight guided the weekend of many locals and tourists who found in Mijas Pueblo a good atmosphere to spend these first days of July. The programme 'Mijas with Soul' moved to the surroundings of the Plaza de la Constitución and La Muralla, transforming the town into a mediaeval city.

Medieval Friday

Friday afternoon in Mijas Pueblo was marked by the start of the activities included in this programme. The traditional ribbon cutting by the municipal authorities gave way to a colourful and lively mediaeval-themed parade that toured the main corners of the old town.

To decorate this event, the Mijas Town Hall distributed up to 15,000 candles around the Plaza de la Constitución, the area of La Muralla and the surrounding streets. "Mijas Pueblo is ideal for this type of initiative, because of its streets and the charm that surrounds this part of our municipality, especially today accompanied by the warm light of the candles", said the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), who also valued that "activities like this are key to attract all the people who visit us these days, so that they take a nice souvenir and the feeling of 'Mijas with Soul' that we want to transmit".

  • Para la ocasión se encendieron más de 15.000 velas.

The night ended with the musical performance of the group Aidalai, who paid tribute to one of the most iconic bands in Spain, Mecano, playing their greatest hits. "In the show we focus mainly on the last tour they did in Barcelona in 1992, but it is true that we try to play songs for all the audiences, because Mecano has many important songs and a huge discography", said Isabel Fernández, singer of this group, formed by four musicians who, by the way, were delighted to perform in a venue as special as the auditorium in Mijas, "which has very good acoustics with the dome behind it, in fact, we have tried to sing without a microphone and the acoustics are excellent". 

  • El público acompañó a la banda coreando los grandes éxitos de Mecano.

Comedy night on Sáturday

On Saturday, also as part of the programme 'Mijas with soul', the Miguel González Berral Auditorium in Mijas was filled with laughter and comedy, thanks to the chirigotas del Selu, one of the great legends of the Cadiz carnival. 

Before the show, however, we stopped by the medieval market in La Muralla, which also had a great atmosphere. "I'm having a look at the stalls and I'm really enjoying it", said Raquel Sanz, a resident of Fuengirola, while Rafael González, a from Alhaurín, visited the market with his family and "we find it very interesting, we even bought some cheese at one of the stalls". Domingo Hilo, from Barcelona, said that "Mijas is a marvellous town and I was quite surprised by how well-organised everything is", just like his partner, María Salone, who said that "it is a very clean place, with no chaos and the people are really nice". 

  • Momento de la actuación de El Selu y su chirigota.

Afterwards, in the Mijas auditorium, El Selu and his chirigota enlivened the evening with a varied repertoire of coplillas. " Any excuse is a good excuse to visit Mijas, and since we come with the chirigota, we are also going to enjoy the people and the beauty of this wonderful town", said El Selu, also indicating that "we are touring all over Spain performing the best songs of the past 30 years by our groups and giving our best, our sense of humour". 

The event aroused the interest of a large audience, especially those who consider themselves to be carnival lovers all year round. "We usually watch the carnivals on television but we had never seen them live, so we thought it would be a good experience", said Eugenia Núñez, to which her husband, Juan José Morales, added that "we really like to go up to the auditorium in summer, because the nights are very pleasant, and we also like the carnival, so it's a double reason for us to be here". 

  • El público se divirtió mucho con las divertidas coplillas de El Selu.

Pasión Vega shines by candlelight in Mijas

On Sunday, Mijas was once again illuminated by candlelight. The candles were lit again all along La Muralla creating an almost magical path that led us, for the third consecutive day, to the medieval market, where the atmosphere created by the candles was enhanced by the colours and smells coming from the spices and food that we could find in the different stalls.

We spoke to some of the people who attended the market, including José Luis Molina and Isabel Nieto, both from Benalmádena. Molina said he had found the event "interesting, because the market has food, it has crafts, it's always nice, especially for the tourist who comes from abroad". While Nieto emphasised that "it is very nice, very decorated, many stalls, the truth is that it is very good, a very good atmosphere".

During these three days, many locals and visitors came to see Mijas by candlelight. This was highlighted by the councillor for Public Roads, Mari Francis Alarcón (PP), who said that "the traders and neighbours are very happy and are looking forward to participating in the next edition".

The programme, which began on Friday, ended on Sunday in the Miguel González Berral Municipal Auditorium, which hosted the show 'Lorca Sonoro', by Pasión Vega. The artist, who talked to us before the concert, told us that 'Lorca Sonoro' "is a tribute to poetry, to the essence of Federico García Lorca, with his poems set to music and also with the added attraction that it is a dramatised show, which also has part text, part performance, something really important in this concert".

  • Por momentos, la artista malagueña dejó sin palabras al público presente en el auditorio.

The artist from Malaga was accompanied by Víctor Clavijo, who is taking part in the tour. The actor talked about his role: "I play a musicologist and folklorist, Eduardo Martínez Torner, who was about to record the voice of Federico García Lorca. This character is the common thread throughout the concert, linking one subject to another, explaining to the audience things about the poetry of Federico García Lorca and about his figure".

This show, which highlights the importance of Lorca's legacy and his influence in the cultural sphere, is already a year and a half into its tour.

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